Deande Rank 3 Helix needs some work

I just played a match tonight where every time I went against Deande I didn’t survive.
In their infinite wisdom, the devs have this mutation available at Rank 3:

“Adds an uppercut to the end of Deande’s primary melee combo that knocks enemies into the air.”

Sounds cool, right? Except that it is a chain stun. It only takes a few seconds to make a kill with this ability. A player gets thrown into the air and will not touch ground until dead. There is no counter except for having someone else around paying attention, and even then you are dead before they can react.

It is 2.5 times for Reyna to get thrown into the air and killed with full health and shield at the start of the battle.

Lastly, if you see Fweep playing Deande on the enemy team…

Quick melee her and sprint.

Deande is too slow to catch to people and she has poor hitbox range compared to all other ranges with moderate attack speed. If you quick melee her after landing, she will be outside the range to upper cut you and she will never catch up to non-huge tank due to lack of slow for sticking purpose outside that level 5 slow helix.

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I use Deande a lot, I never take that skill and I escape from opposing Deande using it quite easily.

All the skill does is add a knock-up, not increase DPS, it doesn’t take any less time to kill with it than without it.

The developers already know about this and are looking into the mechanics of the game so they can fix things like this. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intended for their to be an infinite juggle in the game.

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You don’t land, which is the point of the post.

Correct, it knocks you up, and you dont land to counter-attack.

I just had another match with a Deande that used this skill and even while sticking together we were not able to counter it well. She knocks up, kills, then runs off. If you dont have a CC available or the enemy team is also there distracting she gets away.

You do land becuse she doesn’t deal 5 hits in a second. Actually, you already have full control when you both reach the top of the knock up. You can just quick melee her right there.

And every other char in the game with some kind of aerial movement are unkillable by Deande because the knock up will give them the jump activation needed to do the aerial movement. Toby for example, who is insanely easy to kill, is almost unkillable by DEande because he can just use the air dash booster if he even gets knocked up.

Sounds like it was just a smart Deande that must have only engaged you in close quarters when you were nearly dead anyways. It doesn’t increase her dps at all and it’s very escape-able.

FINISH HIM! Thats a classic mortal combat combo. I like it, its one of the few things she has.

Well, for playing Deande(atm rank 11).
I can tell you the uppercut can be evade quickly after the first one, just move away;

The hitbox from deande is very very short if she miss the last hit during the combo(uppercut) she have to wait the next 3 hit until another uppercut. Has other pointed out, she dont run fast enough; to run fast she need to waste a skill( if she went for the helix speed )

Also its one of the few ‘usefull’ helix she have( personal opinion ) that help to be a “Assasin”.

My issue with it is it turns her into a hard-counter for any character using a shield. With my boldur, she can literally just toss me sky-high… I mean, if I’m blocking, and facing her, why am I taking damage? Oh, because her basic attack ignores my shield…

So unless I nail her with a melee at the perfect time, or hit her with a boldur-dash I’m completely vulnerable to the whole team… and once her attack speed comes online, I can’t even get back to the ground to dash away.

I’ll have to see if I can melee her away in the air, I honestly didn’t try that because I was busy trying to figure out why in the ■■■■ I couldn’t reach the ground to dash away.

That is not true,

or my caracter his bugged ?
When Bolduc or Gal use the shield to block dmg, when I am doing uppercut it doesnt uppercut until the Shield break(no more dmg absortion )

Then something was going very wrong in my game last night, I kept trying to hold lane and their Deande would literally just sprint up to me, hit me in the face, and I’d go flying. At first I thought she just must be hitting around it, but I’d reactivate it facing her and go right back up… by the time we got to late game, I couldn’t even touch the ground once she’d get to me.

Not sure what to write;

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but even placing on the side/back/front while the other have shield up, the uppercut was not working :confused:

maybe it was a bug; cause once during a game, I got killed while my clone was active, on respawn the clone was with me whitout time limitation at full hp/shield lol until she die by someone but it was funny.

I’ve played Deande, and in my experience Uppercut always launches people with their shield up.

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Uppercut will go through shield as CC will stop shielding but like I said, if she’s meleeing you, just quick melee her and laugh as she fails to catch up.

That’s what I’m going to have to try to do. It’s just such a bogus ability IMO, I can’t believe they actually put it in… no contingency, just recurring CC off of a basic attack. In a game where CC is ungodly, but scarce, that’s just out of line.

Tbh she needs to be reworked into a quick ninja stealthy assassin. Currently, she is too much about CC and survivability which is weird to have on a melee assassin who should actually kill something swiftly instead of juggling them.

I won’t mind if they just remove the Uppercut and give her 5 different compensation buffs on some of her base number (like the MS and AS) and most of her helix choices to make her a good character.

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Her uppercut is the only thing that makes her good in close quarters. Removing that will nerf her significantly.

There are about 1 or 2 non Uppercut builds that flank, pick off, and chase reasonably well. However, it’s a pick your poison type of thing. I personally prefer the CC for pushing objectives on top of setting up coordinated burns from Miko onto Insert Your Next Priority Target Here, for example, just fine.

Uppercut is an essential augment/tool/option. No need to try to force everyone to play a hero with 2 augment options + 5 levels being 3 into only having 1 play style / type build.

I prefer variety sweetie~ :yum:

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That’s actually really good then beca use those shield blocks are actually pretty OP as hell. Having a very lackluster character have the ability to at least panic a blocker is pretty cool. It’s still very escape-able though, so as long as you weren’t trying to hold that spot solo for too long, just light melee her away and laugh.