Deande Skills Video

We’ve been working on a new line of Battleborn skills videos – check out our first: Deande!


ahhh Jeff why did you make this didn’t you like my video :frowning:
(if i only had those assets) :wink:

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very noice dood!

Really nice video. Well edited, good music, and all.

As a big fan of both Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2, this really seems right up my alley. I’ll be looking for more in-depth descriptions of the combat modes and skills. Like I see what she’s got on deck here, but still don’t get how they work? When she tossed the hologram, was that it running in front of her? Was it following her? Is she invisible while it’s out? Her multi-strike attack: is that effectively an area-of-effect attack, or is there some structure to it?

I think you want to check out her profile page:

Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy (20% health, 25% damage) to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry, the decoy explodes for 200 damage.

Deande jumps in a direction when you activate holotwin
The Holotwin has an aggressive AI that will seek out nearby enemies.

Her multi-strike attack is just a series of attacks in a general order. 1 2 3

Ok - I found those little vignettes on your website, thanks!

Awesome video looking forward to seeing the rest of the battleborns videos. Really nice

Awesome!!! The first video in ages that gave me the eager to play some Battleborn! :blush:

I left the same comment on YouTube - more of these skills videos, please :slight_smile:

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I totally love how this video is made, just awesome. Btw, Jeff, can you please tell the name of the song you have used?

“Let it Out” by Danny McCarthy
From my own comment on Youtube (Always check the comments if you wan’t to know that kind of things, hah)

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Can confirm!


Thanks to both :smiley:
Sorry, I totally ignored the fact that this video is also on Youtube ahah.

There’s one thing I have to say about Gearbox in general. They have a habit of putting really catchy music in their games. It’s rarely a genre I listen to, but it often leads to me searching for the song and the artists. I often find said music crops up in tv ads a while later. You guys must be ahead of the curve. :wink:

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Indeed! Borderland’s use of DJ Champion’s “No Heaven” was simply brilliant. Gearbox may not have been the first to use tracks like that, but they sure as hell helped popularize it and continue to do it well. Whoever picks the music usually nails the theme of the scene in ways I could not have imagined.