Deande Skin Idea

First off, I know in the recent update they gave Deande like 3 new skins which is awesome thank you guys! (People who made the skins) lol. I’m saying that to make sure nobody thinks I’m like complaining about Deande not having enough skins or something. Anyways, Halloween is coming up and my friend said she wanted to be a lady from the 50’s. I was looking up pictures and what not of ladies from the 50’s and my eyes lit up. I don’t know if it’s just me, but Deandes hair, body type and stance (whatever) matches those of a 50’s woman. Now I am not a sketch artist, but I tried making a sketch of Deande with a more 50’s style and outfit. I do paint things in my free time and they turn out quite nice, but not detailed things so this may be terrifying to some of you. Please look up pictures and tell me if you think it’d be a good idea for a skin for her. Of course an actual artist would make it look a LOT nicer. Please no hate and just nice feedback. Thanks. I love Deande and would find it amazing if they made her look like this! Links > &


This is a very interesting idea! Good job. And the drawing is quite good, love the hair.
Btw, I’m slightly disappointed in the users of Google that after typing that in they suggested “hot” and “curvy”. Seriously people, get it together

Thank you. Yeah that’s ridiculous, who searches that? Hmm

I like it.

The more skins Deande gets the better (for me).

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I don’t think anything is ever gonna beat octopus hair


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I would die for something like this.

Thanks for feedback guys. I have a friend who is amazing at creating (sketching drawing whatever) characters and shes so good she’s going to some amazing art school for it. ANYWAYS this friend of mine is going to create what I did X10000000 so I’m super excited to show y’all once she’s done. Hopefully tomorrow idk. :smiley:

Ambra with clasy outfit and a cane and deande with a fortune teller using tarot cards as weapon

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