Deande ult glitch?

I still killed Phoebe despite not locking on to her? and yes I know this is an AWESOME triple kill


That’s just the way that Ult works, you really can’t reason with it.

Still the best ult ever.

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So good

I always wondered if Deande’s ult had slight AoE if you walked near a target that was stunned. I’m going to have to test this now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems that way on Sabo.

wow never knew

Anyone want to test if it would apply melee/on-hit effects? As if each hit were just a standard melee strike? The sound that played when the Phoebe got hit was the noises of her melee, and I’ve seen myself get healed rapidly in my ult. (Playing Heliophage solo and only had Rendain in my ult, so I think it was the lifesteal from her melee strikes.)

Would be an interesting test, I think.

Same here…