Deande ?ult issue? and cloak bug

This is my experiences on PS4:

Ult Issue
So any Deande player and other players can see that Deande is buzzing between players dealing damage. My issue is that they are stunning me where I am started midway through the ult. I am also getting stunned if I am hitting only one target and they stun there too. Is she meant to be target-able in her ult duration??? Is anyone else having this issue?

Cloak bug

On incursion, I had my back up to the wall on a side crystal between the first and second sentry. I popped the ability and glitched through the wall and fell to my death outside the map. (Sidenote: I have video of it if needed by a GBX member)


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Yea I know her ult definetly needs work compare to all the others your unable to move for that period of time and if they can start hitting you before during or right after you finish the animation it defeats the purpose is not like you can run away

For such a long wind up and little damage, we need to remain invisible for the duration of the attack.

Also enemies to remain stunned for the whole move. Its infuriating when I ult then Rath decides hes done being stunned and shreds me alive. The stun only needs to last an extra half second. Once the ult is finished then they can get up. Give Deande some time to back off if they dont die.

With these fixes to her ultimate it would only serve to balance her. Im fine with a low damage high control move. Ive stunned three people in combo with Oscars air strike for maximum profit.

Also fix her hitbox. Plz. :slight_smile:

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Yea the Ult does way to little dmg so I do wish it didn’t divide the dmg in between the targets cuz it become useless in a bigger crowd

Ult shouldn’t take any damage while she’s attacking.