Deande ultime is very bad design!

My opinion,

But the super is way badly design;
Why you will like to “self-stun” yourself for 3Secondes, you cannot cast it while cloaked :confused:
You stand still doing nothing and hoping the enemis will stay in your cone area and hoping only 1 or 2 enemis will be in that cone area cause the Dmg is soo poor with more then 2 enemis.

My suggestion allow while you charge your ultimate that you can move that will avoid
A) Enemis run out of cone
B) Enemis will not stun you after your self-stun("aka your charging) lol
C) Enemis will not kill you while you charge.

Or atleast if you want to kill her like that, increase the dmg output for that ultimate by alot

What you gentlement think about her super ?
for me she feel soo weak versus all other super even kleese super is better hehe

Could you please edit your post with proper spelling and punctuation? It’s very difficult to tell what you are saying.

Hi, Sorry I would have to write in my language for a proper spellling. if I use google translate, it will be worse eheh.

If I can resume, I think her ultimate: Should remove the standing duration or lower it to 1sec instead of 2-3-4?
Or increase her dmg output for her ultimate.

I agree that it’s pretty weird how you have to just stand there, and then the damage can be pretty disappointing unless it’s a single target. It’s really rather strange that the stealth assassin has to stand out in the open in order to use her top tier ability. I don’t like Burst Dash either, or the helix that turns it into an AoE that works completely differently. I wish at least she went into stealth for the few seconds she has to line up the ult, or it just activated instantly - it’s not so powerful that it needs an arbitrary handicap that most other characters don’t have.

For those who had difficulty understanding and since op’s main language isn’t English
(I’m not trying to bash on that, just trying to help for clarification).

Here is my opinion,

The ultimate is badly designed.
Why would you like to “self-stun” yourself for 3 seconds, and you cannot cast it while cloaked? :confused:
You stand still doing nothing and hope the enemies will stay in your area of effect cone; that only 1 or 2 enemis will be in that aoe cone because the damage is soooo weak when there are more than two enemies present.

My suggestion would be to allow you to charge your ultimate and can still move. That will help avoid:
A) Enemies running out of the aoe cone.
B) Enemies will not be able to stun as easily after you’ve self-stunned yourself("aka your charging) lol.
C) Enemies will not be able to kill you while you charge as easily.

Or at least if you’re going to have her be so killable during that time, increase the damage output for that ultimate by a lot.

What do you gentlement think about her ultimate? For me, she feels soooo weak when compared to everyone else’s ultimates. Even kleese’s ultimate is better hehe.

I think the solution is to allow charge times for burst and the ultimate to be done while cloaked. You become visible the second you actually attack. This would allow you to land your blows easier and increase your damage output using the stealth damage. The ultimate puts out a total of 500 damage, so at max the 50% bonus from stealth attack would dish out 750 damage, which is still fair. I think that would be the perfect fix for me

could be interesting, and 750dmg is not that high for a super. seem reasonable

I have no problem with her ultimate because it was designed with the kit. She is intended to pick of weaklings. Those who stick around with low health, snipers who are out of position, and jumping on those who are fighting from behind. Ideally your team is your distraction while you go kill people on the outside of the actual team fight because being in the team fight is death for deande she is tooooo squishy. So it is ideal for the other team to constantly have to watch and guess where your coming from. Her biggest weakness? A true 5v5 team fight because of they all stay together as a team she can’t pick anyone off even if she wanted too. Now, how can she become viable for a team fight? That is where her ult comes in. If you sneak behind the team and there is no one out of position to pick them off (remember keep them guessing and panicked, where is deande? Am I going to die?) then it becomes ult time. You can stun an entire team from behind if you stealth up and sneak around them. ITS A HUGE STUN AND UTILITY. So you did little to no damage and are self stunned but in exchange they are also stunned, like all of them are stunned. So you just exchanged one of you for 5 of them. Fair trade. Then Your team jumps the stunned team and they do the damage. It works and it obliterates a whole team, it just just requires you to use it in conjunction with the rest of your team cause they can just wreck them while you are sitting there stunning all of them.

Counter part caracter have stun aoe and utility with more dmg from their super :slight_smile:

I am not saying make her OP; I am saying they should remove the charge time or increase the dmg deal to multi-enemis or alow to cast ultimate while cloaked

Right but she has a stealth to get in position. I promise if you use her right you won’t ever miss with that hot and the other team won’t see you coming

Maybe in pug group any thing will work;
But coordinate group; Your strategy will barely work often;
if the other team have a good Miko. :S

That kind of strat work better in conquer mode.

Actually that stray works fine either way. If you have a team to jump in and kill miko while you stun it works out.

That would require the other team to let the ‘jump-in’ and a bad Miko player.

For my personnal feel, I really think they should remove the charge time.
I didnt play all caracter but so far she is the only one with that kind of charge time(4sec) of standing still.

Funny thing though when I saw a deande doing the charge on a teamate; she become a easy pray knowing she will be back at the exact same position and stuck again in the animation for ~0.5sec.

Curious question: how you feel about the mutation Uppercut; Do you feel annoyed that you kind of loose the view of the enemis that you throw in the air ?
So far, I jump right a little before the 4th hit to keep track of the player;
What is your though ?

Another curious Question: What is your gear with her ?
I am currently using(testing)
Gear(1): Atk dmg9%/Atk dmg4%/Atk Speed 0,98%(stack 5times)
Gear(2): Shield penetration 19%/Shield penatration 9% after using a skill for 5sec
Gear(3): Atk Speed/Shield penetration 8% after using a skill.

P.S So far I think Deande is my favorite caracter.

It doesn’t bother me I’m pretty good at keeping track of people and my gear is still a work in.progress for her. I like her but I’m much more prone to play a phoebe or el dragon if I’m going for that role. I had plenty of success with her just not my cup of tea. And her ult netted a lot of kills for my team as I would sneak behind the team and stun them like I said then mike would drop his ult on them at the same time. We could wipe a team with the wombo combo. It also worked well with kleese and Benedict for the wombo.

Not really, on the rare occasion randies actually do talk, if you have time to sneak around a group and set this off with time to tell them to get ready, they done messed up because your team should have already dropped whatever weakly’s that were dumb enough to stand there and get group stunned. If Deande could take advantage of the stun herself, or not have the wind up, not be so wide open to attack before/during/after it’d be different. It’s just a bad, bad, bad, ultimate.

How often do you get on your mic with randoms in solo queue? Almost every game I ask the team I’m with to use a mic if they have it cause it makes the game more fun and almost every game people turn on their mics and we have a good game. Often they end up my friends and we keep playing together for a while. But I almost never have a team with no mics, try asking the randos to use their own.

Very few actually, atleast on ps4 and the timezone I am playing.
I cannot add number, but the feel is like 10% have mic or use it or bother to use it.

But do you use your own mic and ask them if they have one to use?

I do use mic and still do, few people bother to use it.

I reach 40 games pvp with deande, I know its a few… but for me it still prove me she is not very efficiant;
It feel Any others caracters would help more the team depending the mode played.
she feel like a wannabe on crowd control, on specific target, on time to kill;
my stats with her is low compare to others caracter I played. I know we cannot really compare but it give a example for below. 195kill, 213assist, 183death

here my update that I think they should improve
-Lower the Charge time instead of 4sec lower it to 2-3
-Improve the hitbox( way to often the mob or the enemis is right in my face and the hit doesnt register swinging throw it. )
-Increase the dmg of the ultimate when more enemis caught by it
—Example:If 5 enemis hit by it instead of 100dmg each, increase it to 250-300 Dmg each )
If 1 enemis still max dmg of 500 dmg

but the major grip is the HitBox

I recall eating this Ult at least 5 times in one match as Boldur. Still made her back off and held the line.

It’s meant to kill a squishy, IMO, not wear down a tank. Especially a raging Boldur.