Deande Unlocked

I have wanted to play Deande for a while now, but I haven’t bothered looking at her unlock requirements until I mastered Rath. Upon mastery I took a look at Deande and found that it showed her as already unlocked to my surprise, so I hopped into a private match to practice with her against bots and found that it showed her as locked.

Closed out game, restarted Xbox twice and found that it still showed her as unlocked for me but didn’t allow me to play as her in PvP. Anyone know what’s up?? Thankies!!

I think the Battleborn tab under the command menu now a bit buggy and can show heroes as unlocked. However, you can check the criteria of every character under the challanges. In Deande’s case, it’s completing ‘The Heliophage’ mission on Advanced.

Thank you! Current at CR 36, what is her CR unlock of you don’t mind??

The command rank requirement is 38.