Deande - Worst PVE character

Prove me wrong. Seriously.

The burdon of proof is on the person making the claim - when suggesting a character is the worst at PvE, the person making that claim must submit some evidence or argument.


Would my mission history count? Literally every single Deande I’ve ever played with has been rock-bottom on the Damage dealt chart. I know damage isn’t everything but her healing is trash and her overall support just isn’t felt at all.

Perhaps she shines in PVP being that of a an assassin but in PVE I’d literally rather have any other character.

Just as an aside, next you randomly match up with a group and someone picks Deande, pay particular attention to her overall performance and I guarantee it’ll damn near bring you to tears.

Have a nice day.



Deande vs Rendain (or any boss that can be juggled)

Deande will most likely never be the highest damage dealer, but she can eliminate any single adversary and neutralize them in a way in which they cannot use their abilities to wipe the team. A good Deande will focus high damage bosses and major enemies and neutralize them. All you have to do is stick your OP AoE under her and watch it die.


I’ve played Deande, and her biggest problem in PvE is she doesn’t do much area damage. That said, she’s one of the only characters who can repeatedly juggle a single target with a no-cooldown attack. Its a helix mutation she earns by character rank, and it’s a far superior choice over the lifesteal option in the same level. Fighting a boss or miniboss that can be knocked into the air? Ok, then once she gets going they won’t be attacking at all until they die. It’s VERY useful, it just doesn’t show up as more damage dealt at the statistics screen.

Yes, Deande isn’t exactly the greatest in PvE for damage. But neither are Reyna or Boldur, just to name a couple. They each have reasons for why their damage is low (Reyna is an awesome healer, Boldur is unkillable after level 5 if you play him correctly,) but if you want to play them well in PvP, its best to unlock their helix mutations first … and that means playing them in PvE, even if they’re not the greatest.


As caldarius you will never have top damage but you are really good for killing biggest enemies
if you build her around critical hit you can focus biggest enemies and kill them easily (i never use the uppercut… don’t like the feeling “not fluid” and boring),
And she is good at lvl 10 if you use her infinity clones, as the enemies have more target your mates will take less damage… but it can crash servers if you abuse this -___-

for boldur, each time i see him in pve he is top damage

Yeah you can’t use the damage totals when judging a characters pve potential.

…You can’t be serious!

I’m a Master of Deande and have gold on every map, normal and advanced.
She is soooo awesome.


@RAAMzilla There are 26 characters with very different skillsets and playstyles. If Deande does not suit your playstyle its okay, but that does not mean Deande is trash.
There are too many passionate loving Masdters of Deande arround here on the forums.

Some characters just flow with the individual personal style, while others do not, no matter how hard one tries.

My example: Galilea. Everyone says she is OP. But I fail with her exclusively, she´s far to slow for me since I´m used to play Orendi & Phoebe as mains. So is Gal trash? No. Its me playing her rather badly.
Same with Thorn, which I cannot get used to. I guess every BB-player has 1 or 2 characters they want to play or love the design but they simply can´t get used to its gamelpay/pace/skillset.

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Hehe it’s funny, I play Phoebe a lot, lot, but I just can’t get Orendi at all, it’s, like, impossible for me !

Oscar Mike, too. Yeah, I know! The most basic character in the roster! It’s my go-to character in PvE, but in PvP, I just don’t know what the heck to do to actually get things done !

I haven’t tried Deande yet. She’s been quite unpopular when she first started to point her fans in PvP ( “hmm… Apparently I’m not as popular as I once believed” ), but she can be quite the super annoying beast with that Uppercut mutation. I’d love to get around her some days.
I know, I know. This topic is about PvE, but I’m just going along with the “individual personnal style”, and this carries over to PvP anyway :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you had some unfortunate runs with Deande but she can completely hold he own and support her teammates quite a bit. Maybe its just the way they had her set up with gear and helix choices that made it pretty difficult. And although i did derp and die a couple times i didn’t really have a problem in this advanced Algorithm run below

Arrrrrrrr, is there a way to turn off video auto-play? Is there even a forum category where forum options are discussed?

As for Deande, I played her once. She appeared to be quite fun and I didn’t feel she lacks damage. If you’re well familiar with the mission, where packs spawn etc., you can prepare your actions in advance, and it generally reflects well to your total damage. She’s not the kind of hero that can react any time to any event, but it doesn’t mean she’s underpower.

Master of Deande here!
I usually don’t play Deande in PvE, but not due to her lack of usefulness. She is much harder to play well in PvE than PvP and much harder to play well than most other characters in PvE.

However I once managed to 100-0 Rendain via juggle without him ever attacking due to Uppercut. My team handled the adds while I juggled forever, the same can be done to annoying Elite Bots, or Thrall of any variety. What she lacks in wave clear she makes up for by making any difficult boss (who can be juggled) very easy.

That said, she also sports the same high level of revive awesomeness as Oscar Mike, and her Clone can be spec’ed to provide some level of wave clear.

To some extent however the OP is correct, she is MUCH better in PvP than PvE, but she is not absolute trash in PvE, just harder to use.

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Maybe you are worst PVE character?

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Please talk about Deande, not her players or our members. Thanks! :heart:


I got top damage with Caldy before, more than once.
As well with WF.
And Post-Nerf Gali.

And I’m a casual gamer.

The moral here: Don’t Generalize things.

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Still no buffs for her :cry:

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