Deande's kick buff idea

So I’ve stated this before, but I thought it would be a cool idea to change Deande’s legendary kick to a teleport because it’d look cooler and more electrically stimulating (like Burst Dash) in this mid pace game. It would also add an extra layer to her “kit”. When Deande kicks, she travels a specific distance and then there a tiny bit of lag time before you can start auto attacking. If it were a teleport instead, we could start attacking immediately. Ambra needs to be a certain distance to put her beam on you, but after that it’ll track you further than the initial distance. Kicking away from her doesn’t work because Deande’s movement speed is crap. If she teleports and it disconnects then she’ll have a better chance of getting away from that. Imagine teleporting behind an enemy and using holotwin to confuse them. The teleport in general could be used to engage and effectively chase and stay on an enemy rather than only an escape. Just an idea. Please consider it.


Honestly, the kick is pretty buggy as it is right now anyway, and in the Prologue mission, Deande is shown to be able to teleport, so it isn’t that bad of an idea.


omg. I would love this.


Plus she could have a helix to make a little fan of knives appear around her when she teleports, like Warcraft 3’s Warden hero, or increase the distance of it.

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Oh oh!! Dragón kick above ambra face to break line of sight!!

Thats how i kick ambra’s butt 90% of the time. The other 10% someone else helped her

That sounds effective, although the idea is to allow us to engage and chase easier as well.

At least it would help with escapes. Right now it’s not much IMO

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Plus it would so much better than the awkward drop kick thing that sometimes bugs out and teleports you back to where you started the animation.

(I really want it to be a thing, please devs, pweeese?)


I don’t know. I’d really hope that they would since it seems fair (especially if you keep the cooldown) and it would enhance the experience of playing with her. I only ever have good intentions with this game. I get ignored regardless though. I usually get “Deande’s Perfect” as a rebuttal though. Which, even though she’s really good, she’s not perfect. We’ll see.

Perfect? Then they’re fooling themselves, nothing is ever truly perfect, and that is just a fact of life, there’s always things that could be improved, even if it’s just slightly, or on a personal basis. There are a lot of things that need adjustment in her helix and abilities, or a complete revamp for some things, it’s far from perfect, but I digress.

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I concur.

I just wish she did not stop on a dime. Some forward momentum would be nice, ya know, cuz physics.


Well, going by that logic, they’d need to increase the distance of it too, since you have to be sprinting in order to do it. And increase the speed/distance if you’re going down, while lowering the speed/distance if you’re going up.

I’d happy if they implemented the idea period. I’m not asking for increased damage, speed, or my usual movement speed. I just want it to be a teleport.

I like the idea of the teleport. It sounds cool. However I still love the drop kick, awkward as it is, for being able to get up walls and just move vertically in general. It’s a lot of fun to mess with people using the dropkick because you can run circles around them and they can’t do anything.

But this teleport idea with its offensive nature might make for some nice kills. I would trade drop kick for it under one condition: It has to look totally badass.


In prologue she teleports to upper levels too. Don’t see why she should lose the directional nature of that move.

Would somebody ping JoeKGBX, for example? I used the ping too many times last days. :smiley:

I really, really want to have the teleport. It’s so cool.

okay then. lets do this. teleport here we come.

tbh i played to prologue about 4 times and that was before i even knew who Deande was.

The idea is to have it function like the dropkick in which you’d teleport in the direction you aiming. I felt it could be really cool for it to be in first person or 3rd person. I like the idea of 3rd person because it would give us a brief view of the area around us, but in 1st person it could be much more immersive in it’s own way. I imagined that it would look like a reverse holotwin explosion and then you burst into another location. @JoeKGBX We’d love to get some feedback regarding the change.

Edit: She could also faze out like she does when she use blink storm initially.

love it. just…

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