Deande's New Taunt :(

I’m not sure if this is the right section, but I’m new to BattleBorn forums so please understand. Anyways! I’ve been waiting soo very long for Deande’s new taunt to come out, and today it did! The taunt idea is awesome and pretty funny. I cannot lie though, the animation is very fidgety and awkward. Her fan goes through her hair in an odd motion, and her face looks unatural. She also shows her teeth, and they are hideous!!! Like, I’m embarrassed to taunt people with this because if I were them I’d be like “ew wtf!?”. In my opinion the taunt needs to be fixed. I hope a Dev reads this and can help make changes. If any of you agree please let them know by commenting on this topic. Thank you, and sorry if I sound annoying. :frowning:


I don’t believe she has one in the market place. Do you mean in the faction loot pack? If so, that’s just part of the taunt.

Wow just saw that… the Deande looks cool but a bit weird…

But the ambra one, is there a problem with her head and arm ? (there was already an issue with an old taunt for her with her arm)

Yeah there’s one in the marketplace for Deande called “Cool Off”

Oops, sorry. Haven’t been on since yesterday. I’m piped for Pendles though!

Several Taunts have something weird going on. El Dragons titties deflate. Benedict gives us a look at his… Eggs.
And many more.

It also uses the wrong fan model, that one won’t work as a… fan. Should be that one.

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I know man, that’s what I’m getting at. Thanks for posting those pictures. It helps prove our point. Seems kinda silly that they’d make such a big mistake does anyone agree on the fact that her teeth look hideous, and that it’s kinda weird that she like bites her lip while fanning herself? Lol ummm? Weird