Deande's Ult Damage/Stun

So, I have recently started playing Deande and have noticed that her Ult is a bit lack-luster. The 3 second wind up time, doesn’t bother me, the cone that the enemies must be in to be effected, doesn’t bother me. But the damage that her Ult deals seems like it’s not worth it, even when it is concentrated on one enemy, never mind split among 5 entities. Also, the biggest gripe I have with it, is the fact I am locked in place for a few seconds AFTER performing my Ult, which means that the enemy I just ult’d gets to move/attack before I do. I had a game today where I Ult’d Montana and immediately after it finished, while I was still locked in place, he stunned me and killed me.

What are your guys opinions?

-EDIT- Scratch the damage part, I have revised how I play Deande and feel that the damage isn’t all that bad, just have to know when to use her Ult for maximum output.

Second this.

Her overal kit is great but her ult really lacks damage.

@DyingAngel97 I agree with you. I hate that the person you Ult gets out of the animation before you do AND they can still kill you during animation I believe if their teammate attacks the spot you jump from (or somewhere around there). I know I died many times during Ult animation.

Now with the damage… I think it’s fine where it is though because at Lv 10, you can summon a clone which can deal extra damage if you pick the helix tree and if your *coordinate with your team it’s basically instant death to whoever you have locked in it. You can basically stun them and have a Alani bubble them right after for instant death. You can stun a whole team and have rath Ult and kill them all… Or any other character CC w/ an Ult. You can also kill with it if your burst dash is still under timer and you can tell they are about to run… It’s a big area of effect. Don’t think it’s intended to be a killer Ult move… The 5 sec stun is death enough with a teammate by your side

The only reason I feel the damage was okay at best for her Ult was because she is an assassin character, I understand the game is team based and it would be good if you always had teammates standing by the finish the person off but I feel that with her being an assassin that her Ult should do a bit more damage to at least one target to kill them or severely weaken them. At the moment the damage seems very low, considering it does 630 to one character when compared to Toby’s mech detonation which is 640 and even that feels like pretty low damage. Maybe if they fixed the fact you are frozen to the spot for longer than your target the damage done wouldn’t feel as bad as you could quickly finish your target off rather than being stunned then killed or having them run away.

I used to think the same thing, till u started playing Deande more. Focus a single target at about %50 health, and either you or your team will kill them. Stunning a group usually scares them and makes them back off. If it did more damgage, in the right hands she would be ridiculous. For me anyway, I’m only good with Deande if my team is working together. If they are using mics I let them know to be ready to unleash when they get stunned. Hit me with burst dash, pop holotwin, ULT, and they are as good as dead.

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Yeah, I’m starting to see how effective it can be when you have teammates around to help, but I still feel the fact they can get out of the stun before me and actually stun/kill me before I can move is pretty bad and feel like it was unintentional considering I can’t even see my own character model for those two seconds after my Ult.

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That is probably the only thing I would like to see changed, I hate the delay at the end. Other than that I think she is perfect.

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It bothers me that most of the forum posts on here are people arguing and just complaining blindly rather than trying to discuss something and try to get the devs to change it. Yet here we are, having a nice discussion about a character and talking civilly about what we feel should be changed and there is next to no replies ;-;

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I think maybe not many people play Deande yet, maybe that’s why?

I’m sure they look at the forums. It’s been said before in those news threads so hopefully they see it. Many of the threads here are actually saying the same thing about deande’s Ult improvements which I agree with you guys on too. Deande is one of my mains and I think she is great… I wish she had a skill/passive for her stealth which would compliment using it to attack more instead of using it for escape mostly in PVP. It’s a pretty long cool down… Maybe giving you a re-stealth if you manage to kill someone in 3 seconds after un stealthing (so it ties up with the 25% damage increase for 3 seconds). I don’t have much of a problem with her stealth, just gotta play her really smart instead of just going in… but I just wish it was a bit more flexible. Example. Phoebe’s phasegate helix gives you an option of 20% cool down or if your shield breaks, you get to use your skill again immediately.

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I mean I do agree and dislike the damage distribution is and ult that can’t even kill 5 small robots if caught in the cone so I do think it would be better that either make it so just one target gets cough in it or does the same amount of dmg per target regardless the amount of them is not like she does a crazy amount of dmg with it and yea she needs to come out of that animation of her ult sooner and maybe stun her target for a extra second

I have only played story missions solo, due to anxiety about playing with/against other people, but I think the damage on her ultimate is really low for doing story missions. I don’t have any experience in multiplayer, but I don’t doubt the lethality of the stun effect on players. I would just like to see more damage on non-Battleborn opponents, so it doesn’t feel like I’m hitting things with butter-knives all the time. I also noticed that with the Ground Zero augment, it says it does around 200-300 damage or something at one point, but I watched the damage ticks and it was only doing 16-19 damage per hit, with about six or so ticks, from what I noticed. I really do enjoy her, but it just feels very underwhelming to me and doesn’t make me think of an assassin at all, just someone with cloaking abilities. Again I will say, I have only played story missions solo or split-screen, so please try to not put my words, thoughts, or actions into a PvP context, because I have no experience with that.

They just changebit to deal this amount of damage per target instead of spliting the damage up as of right now it bad against even 2 target for ah ult.
increasing its damage so its good against 5 targets would just make it stupid op against just 1in the way its currently designed.

Yeah, I feel her ugly should be reversed so that the more people caught, the more damage it does. Since there is such a long wind up and it can be tricky to position. Plus it takes you out of the fight so you can’t even fight them while they’re stunned.