Deande's Ult doesn't seem very good

I want to start off by saying I’m not super great with Deande in the first place, but I tend to be able to hold my own. Now, on to my silly little rant. I realize that Deande has spectacular melee damage that can destroy enemies fairly quickly (as long as they don’t attack you while you do it) and I’ve even heard from people that she’s one of the only people who can actually beat Galilea at this point. I want to say however that her ult seems kinda pathetic. It’s basically an AoE stun on up to 5 enemies with 500 dmg total thrown into the mix being spread out randomly over whatever enemies might get hit. That pales in comparison to basically every other ultimate skill in the game. It has over a minute cooldown and requires a 3 second warm-up period where you just sit there out of stealth trying to keep someone within the radius of the attack.

There are a load of issues with this ult in my opinion.
First, the damage it does is just so unreliable. You basically need to use it on an enemy that is almost dead which can be very useful when they are running and don’t know you’re there, but a lot of characters can get out of reach (in my experience) by the time the move sets off.
Secondly, the stun is awesome, but if there are minions in the way you might end up stunning them instead which means you basically wasted the move and now you’ve sat there for three seconds, alerted the enemies to you and need to GTFO. Also, it’s a like, 2 seconds stun which plenty of other characters have (but it IS AoE so you got that)
Third,It just doesn’t seem practical in any situation I’ve run across other than when people try to run away near death. It serves almost no point in PvE and is way too case specific in PvP.

Maybe I’m just not using it correctly? I kinda feel like that’s where my issue really is so If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to play her successfully I’d love to hear them because I REALLY want to like Deande and get a grip on her playstyle.


No, honestly that’s my biggest complaint too. It’s hard to hit a moving target, you can get stunned and hurt while it’s happening, that 3 second period sucks. If I’m looking to assassinate someone being able to hit with it before they’re able to run away would be great

I barely use her ult unless there’s a huge fight going on in front of me and I know i can fairly safely just use it.

As you said there are numerous issues with it.

  1. The damage is appalling unless you catch someone solo.
  2. Catching anyone it in who’s running around solo is near impossible unless they’re semi afk or just blind. You can’t use it in stelth or anything so you’re just forced to sit there wide open whilst it channels, basically ensures it’s only useful as a support tool.
  3. There’s a huge delay after using it where you’re just stuck there.

But yeah for someone who’s tagged as a stealth assassin her ult is purely a support tool that can’t be used unless you’re sitting in the middle of a fight.

Lol I said the exact same thing.

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The more we say it the more likely they are to address it, right? (that’s the hope…)

Like I stated in my thread either increase the damage on it or make it an insta cast ult. That 3-4 second charge up of her standing there is so stupid you either get targeted and die or they run away before it even goes off.

I’ve reevaluated my stance on this. It works on multiple levels, so being on a ledge above an enemy not seeing you is great. This is your support gank move. While someone is going toe to toe with an enemy, use it while hiding. You damage the enemy while stunning them, giving your teammate the chance to pound them too.

Edit: Or use your decoy as the ally.

Can you use it around walls, it never seems to work when around walls. I know it works fine one ledges although.

I haven’t tried around a wall yet so I’m not sure

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I hate her ultimate. Not only does the wind up suck, but it seems like most of the time I can’t do anything for several seconds afterwards either. It stuns, oh boy, not like she herself can take advantage of it. I’ve even been hit by this thing and was just like “that’s it? lol”.

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