Deandes ult is not useable in PVP

Pease make deandes ult from a 3-4 seconds of her standing to launch her ult to either 1 second or insta cast ult like everyone elses ult. Staying there for 3-4 seconds is dam near impossible to land ult unless the person your trying to ult isn’t the best and just stands there that long for you to ult. In those 3-4 seconds it takes her to ult your target is out of range within the first second to 2 seconds your standing there in pose. I do have insta cast on or whatever is your fastes casting system wirks well for everyone else but her ult isn’t an insta cast its leaving her wide up to either get killed and stunned in the 3-4 seconds it takes to use her ult or they run half way across the map when it launches. If you cant fix the delay then her ult should be dealing way more damage no matter who you hit seeing as you have such a low chance to hit someone alone or lucky if you get everyone grouped.

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Deande’s ult is fine in my opinion. What I don’t is either cloak in the middle of the fight (not too late or they will run instead of dealing with the clone) and then stealth or in a team fight to win the whole thing. Deande is well balanced.

Come on now…its not that hard :unamused: ; Attack->Opponent gives chase->run around corner= hit them as they come around.

OR simply cloak->Ult=Profit.

Try using her whole kit, its not meant to be a panic button, you plan your attack (which fits her character perfectly)…thats why the character is labeled “Complex”.

Deande is a Beast.

Her ult is best used in clusterfk’s with a coordinated’s a nice long hard CC when it hits giving your team time to react and burn them down. You even got enough time to type that out to them for a call out (pug use mostly so ehhh…).

In general don’t bother using it if you aren’t sure it’ll kill or teammate(s) ready to burn em down.

Yeah but say your doing a 1v1 and everything is on cool down so you’ll use it to seal the deal but guess what you just lost the duel since that 4 seconds of her standing there open just got her killed. Yeah its a nice ult but that wait time to use it is still horrible 4 seconds is way to long to use an ult everyone else’s doesn’t take that long it leaves her way to open and a target unless you use your invisibility or your opponent is stupid enough to stand there and let you hit them.

Not every skill or ult rather… is meant to be used for a panic button. Personally i rather just go for juggles and crits; otherwise it’s air dash kickin’ time.

Her ult just wasn’t built to be a no-brainer/get out of jail card. My only gripe is the recovery frames on hit; as if it does not kill them then well… they got about 2 or so seconds of whaling on you before you can even do anything.

Exactly idk how many times iv tried to ult to stun everyone and died due to sitting there wide open. Four seconds is still way to long 2 two seconds isn’t so bad but the four leaves you wide open for to long of a time and the pay off isn’t as great either buff the damage or reduce the casting time on it.

It’s because it’s not supposed to be used as something to throw out there though~

The pay off is when used in coordination with groups; a big payoff to if u get 3+ of them lined up or even better the healer so everyone can burn em down.

Unless I’m with my group no random knows how it works since only a hand full of people played her in the beta and only a few have her unlocked now and play her I’m happy for that. So hard to get a team to coordinate with using my ult plus it stuns them but a teammate can easily knock them out of your ult and screw everything up. I think deande shouldn’t be able to take damage while ulting it sucks dying mid ult even though your teleporting around you shouldn’t be targetable.

If the ult gave 3-4 secs of invincibility, a stun and 500 damage it would be a little silly. Use the ult when there is a team fight or after you invis behind people.

In a nutshell her ult is just like her whole kit. Selective battles and usage is key. Only change I could see possibly getting put in is recovery frames on hit due to the low damage.

Least then you would be able to retreat/maneuver before getting hit after the ult ends. In the meantime tho that ult is group reliant, if not finisher, which isn’t really that bad of a thing considering such a long CC on it when it does hit and a generously reduced CD on whiff (when you don’t hit anything).

Well put

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Her ult is more than fine. Deande master, also my favorite character. I keep seeing posts how it’s for team fights. While this is very true and a useful tool, it really shines when used on a single target, in tandem with her clone. Pick a single target, preferably engage without being seen. Spawn Holotwin ( her left, tier one helix will help ) and while they react to the Holotwin, you throw your ultimate behind them. It has deceptive range. When the ultimate connects, they eat its damage, all while the Holotwin wails away and ends with a bang. If you have timed it right, the clone will explode towards the end of the ultimate. With the right helix, the explosion slows. So if they manage to survive, they now are slow to escape. Many a time have I finished a character with the final hit of the ultimate and it’s so satisfying. I could go further into her playstyle, but another day. I was very reluctant to share, but I hate seeing my favorite character get such responses.


I agree with fudgymoose. It’s really not easy to fight Deande be it group fight or 1v1. Although it’s hard to fight using Deande againts burst dmg like Orendi, takes a long time but still manageable. It’s always better to use clone and go behind to ult. these 2 skills are a combo. If it goes 1 second Deande will be unbalanced as hell.

Her ult is not meant to be a last resort, it’s meant to be used when u can together with clone