Deande's upcoming changes

So can we talk about the upcoming changes that she is getting? In case you haven’t seen the patch notes, here they are…

Increased the attack speed of Deande’s Tessurim War Fans melee attacks by 15%

Changed the transition between Tessurim War Fans melee and ranged attacks to feel more responsive

Burst Dash no longer knocks enemies back

Increased damage of Blink Stormby 35% (63 damage per hit to 85 damage per hit at Level 5)

Deande’s level 3 Mutation, Uppercut now applies a Wound debuff for 1.5 seconds instead of knocking enemies into the air

Deande can no longer gain permanent clones by using Holotwin immediately after Blink Storm while Deande’s level 10 Left Helix Augment, Doppelgangüp is active

Overall, I am quite happy about the changes but some complaints.
Removing her knock up is a slight nerf to her she sucks 1v1 already and now that she doesnt have that its going to make matters worse. Although I guess they had no choice to do this considering her melee speed buff but still…
They didn’t buff her damage which is concerning.
Her movement speed wasn’t touched, she is still too slow.
Not much done to burst dash, I feel as if they could have increased the base damage by at at least 25% or give it a CC effect besides the “weakened” effect. Possible a slow?
The damage to blink storm wasn’t really needed, if anything the changes that were most requested were the wind up time being decreased and not being able to die while doing it.
Decoy should spawn with full health and shield, despite what Deande’s health and shield is at and decoy’s cool down should be decreased to at least 20 seconds. 28 is just way too long.

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I think it’s a major buff. Love the buffs you mentioned above… However, like you said… I really thought we would get a movement increase… But I guess trading in a att speed gear for movement speed gear will be a staple since she has the extra attack speed now.

Remember. Weakened = venom, slow, knock up, stun, all CCs basically to make it simple. I can see a lot more people picking the 23% additional damage than the 18% attack damage now.

Now since there there is no juggle, you rally gotta be a support attacker or finisher. One of the biggest gripes I had with Deande was all you had to do was quick melee her to get her off you and then just run away because she is too slow to catch up to you… That will now go on again but atleast we can fan throw. One #1 thing I love the most is no knock back from burst dash… Now you can finally open a fight with it.

Yeah, after reading a lot about them removing her juggle I guess its more of a buff since it didn’t really fit in her kit. [quote=“RedX, post:2, topic:1541324”]
Weakened = venom, slow, knock up, stun, all CCs basically to make it simple.

I dont think weakened gives you all those effects I think their attack damage is reduced[quote=“RedX, post:2, topic:1541324”]
I can see a lot more people picking the 23% additional damage than the 18% attack damage now.

Considering they are weakened for only a certain amount of time I believe the other option (since its permanent) will be the better option still. [quote=“RedX, post:2, topic:1541324”]
One #1 thing I love the most is no knock back from burst dash… Now you can finally open a fight with it.

Same!! I love this change but I was hoping, again, they would amp up that skill. Maybe increase the base damage? Its just not an impressive skill lol

I really hope they decide to change her cool downs as well. She easily has the longest cool downs in the game. Burst dash is 18 and decoy is 28…28. Let that sink in.

No, I mean the games definition of weakened is: slow, stun, knock up, etc. if you see an enemy with any of these effects you will do the 23% additional damage to them if you choose that helix. So now since there is no knock back, you can open up with a burst dash and attack to your hearts content with all that damage for the 3 seconds. Especially if you have “rogue like” helix. 25% passive, 25% rogue like, 23% extra damage helix= 73% damage out of stealth and that’s not even adding gear. Her open up after stealth is really good now.

Also if you use boots of the brute with her, that gives you slow every 3 seconds, that is a weakened… Meaning you can instantly hit people with the 23% extra damage helix. Just 1 of the good gears I can see her use well among other gear now.

Its okay but there is a lot of room for improvement, as it stands shayne is a much better stealth character when it comes to “open up after stealth”

Her passive needs to be increased from 25% to 50% and their should be a slow that comes with it. I hate how its a helix option and its ONLY 3 seconds lol

Thats if I could ever gets those damn boots lol No luck :frowning:

Seriously… I just played for 3 hours and nada!!! :frowning:

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I am also kind of bummed they didn’t apply that 15% attack speed to her thrown fans lol

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Oh… I thought it was 15% attack speed generic boost meaning for both fan throw and melee? Oh man… Yea that sucks but oh well, something is better than nothing.

Not sure what gear to use now though, how about you?. Was thinking,

  1. doomsday key
  2. movement speed/sprint speed gear
  3. attack damage gear

Or 2nd

  1. doomsday key
  2. boots of brute
  3. shard gear

Well it says increased speed to her melee so who knows. I am currently using a shard collector, a green gear that gives me 9.10% skill damage + 5.10% attack speed for 5 seconds after melee and finally the legendary Stolen Edge of Acryvnorr

But after these changes I might switch the green for a movement speed now. Who knows.

boots of brute, vow of zealous and chrono key for the SUPER cooldown removal…always have holotwin ready that way. I always burst a group for the weaken…holotwin out to distract and then instantly hit blink with all weakened mobs targeted. probably wouldnt work as well in PVP but i really dont pvp much. love her in PVE though and cannot wait to actually melee with her instead of just ranging with fans most of the time.

Her ult is now the one that deal the most damage if only hit one target (not counting Rath and Toby as you can escape them)…
Thorn, Orendi, Benedict and Deande = 500dmg… now it’s 675 for deande (1000dmg at level 10)
If you use burst dash before using your ult with The Culling (+23% dmg) at level the ult will deal +/-1230dmg on a single target
and you can reach +30% more dmg with gear = +/- 1600dmg (and imagine this with a reyna that can boost your damage by around 50% (32% with amp, 16% if you are overshielded))

Actually it’s for 3 seconds you apply 3 seconds slow, so you can apply a 6sec slow if you hit him at the end of the 6sec… and it’s enough to kill someone… but ofc Boots of the Brute are better

No, because if you know deande is at 20% life with no shield and then suddenly you see her full life and shielded, you will know for sure that it’s a clone…
But i agree about the long cooldown… Maybe they could fix it by giving her a better legendary that make her enter in stealth when under 20% life (each 30sec), because the current one is pretty useless

I just feel like they should just remove the recovery time after ult, fix the fact that you can cancel it with quick melee and buff her 'Beast of Momentum" helix to be more like as Whiskey, whom can get +20%mvt speed for 10sec on enemy kill (only 10% for 5sec for deande)

That legendary is getting another nerf this patch and at this point its just not worth using to me anymore.

If I remember correctly, they are in a weakened state is for only 3 seconds? If it is three 3 seconds the damage won’t apply to her ultimate since the wind up time for her ultimate is almost 4 seconds. [quote=“tbawin, post:12, topic:1541324”]
buff her 'Beast of Momentum" helix to be more like as Whiskey, whom can get +20%mvt speed for 10sec on enemy kill (only 10% for 5sec for deande)

Its good mutation but the slow is a much better option to go with.

Her passive last 3sec so you can use it only for the first tick of her ult. But the weakened debuff last 5 or 6sec if you are fast enough you can use it for the full duration of your ult

I didn’t see anywhere in the patch notes on ps4 about chrono key getting changed…ya sure? They JUST changed it from 500
To 2000

They made it so AoE damage doesn’t stack well multiple targets are hit or something. Let me find it for you.

Edit: Here it is!

“Changed the Legendary effect to no longer stack damage when hitting multiple targets with a single skill”

As it is, Deande doesnt do a lot of damage and this was the nail in the coffin for this legendary.

I’m not seeing that change in the Xbox1 patch notes either, and I’m looking right at the gear changes, which it isn’t in. You’re sure you’re thinking of the Chrono Key?

Edit: I believe what you’re referencing is this?

Voxis Core

Changed the Legendary effect to no longer stack damage when hitting multiple targets with a single skill
Fixed an issue that caused the Legendary effect to deal damage to the initial target


The uppercut really did not fit with her kit I mean being an assassin that is locked into one place and drawing attention to themselves so I can understand removing it.

Burst dash is already really powerful when used in conjunction with shield gear obviously for the shield strip and using it out of cloak for the 25% damage increase so again I can understand why there was no buff to its damage.

Oh and the damage increase to the ultimate is absurd and completely unwarranted it was already one of the most powerful ultimates on a single target. The power increase is pushing deande closer to rath territory and well we already have one of those haha.

And for PvP no boots. They are broken and completely unfair leaving very few options for a counter. There is simply no excuse for using them in PvP until they are balanced. (And yes I have a pair myself. Used them once and never again)

cat590 is right. you are thinking voxis. chrono will still eat away at your cooldown times. so deande will use it nicely.