Deande's Uppercut needs a cooldown


Having the ability to constantly knockup your enemy with no cooldown is too OP. All you would need to do is just finish your melee combo and then you can just constantly knock them into the air, preventing them from attacking and allowing you to knock them up again and again and again until you kill them. Even Galilea’s CCs have a cooldown

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(Recycled Human) #2

Does the knock up also cancel your ultimate? If so - waaaay broken.

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(Master of pendles.) #3

Just quick melee and run it’s honestly not that great since you have to juggle them for like 30 seconds


I tried that and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t use attacks or move or melee or anything. She juggled me in the air 5 times until I was dead and I was at full health and shield when I fought her

(Graum) #5

Its kinda broken… but… having cooldown would actually make it WORSE.

Heres why:

You are in the air longer than Deande is, so much longer you actually go out of her range so the uppercut is actually a DPS decrease (meaning she is in more danger of being stopped). Having a cooldown would probably put it at everyother melee combo. You now have the ability to do something… but you are also taking more damage faster.

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(Ian) #6

I find the majority of enemies escape fairly easily from it.

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(Bas Ruijs) #7

I agree. I can usually combo it two times before people figure out how to escape. You have plenty of time to get out, unless you are panicking (which is kinda what I want anyhoo). It works best with a team mate. I juggle and someone else nukes them out of the sky.

(Ghostookami) #8

Nah its fine the way it is. Deande is meant to attack targets out of place in the field. The drawback to her knockup is, 1- her damage isn’t great so it takes a while to kill someone form 100-0, 2. Both you and her are immobile bouncing up and down in the air, your team should have no problem getting her off you.

(Ulithium_Dragon) #9

I find it much more obnoxious when you are on her team lmao - it makes enemies she’s juggling REALLY hard to hit. >_<