Deandre unlocked but not playable

What’s the deal? Beat heliophage, unlocked her but she shows locked on character select

Might I ask what platform you’re using? And what difficulty you played it on? Sorry if I come across as trying to minimod but I’ve seen a glitch on for xbox one that when you beat the heliophage it shows everyone unlocked but they aren’t really. I think it was reported on the forum somewhere but I don’t unfortunately have a link sorry. ^^;

Did you beat it on advance?

I know when I beat the heliophage on normal, it showed all the battleborns as being unlocked on the ‘Battleborn’ menu, though I hadn’t yet unlocked the requirements for Deande or Ghalt…
They unlocked when I actually achieved the goals to unlock them correctly however. (PS4)

Not sure if this is the case for you though… Not sure what to do otherwise, sorry.

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I’m on ps4 and no I beat it on normal. They show unlocked on the character screen but not playable

Yeah it’s an error, mine did that too…
You have to either beat it on advanced, or reach command rank 38.
I hope you can unlock her soon if she is a character you want to play!

If you make a go for her on advanced then I recommend Solo gali. its how i did it and was rather efficient. make sure you fight bosses with your back towards a wall or they will knock you off.

Attikus’ pounce is also good, since you can try to react and save yourself before you’re thrown off the map. plus he has a Lore challenge against Rendain so why not :stuck_out_tongue: