Deanne Cloak and Dagger challenge

So how am I supposed to do this? Whats the time frame I have after I cloak to kill them?

Her passive ability, The Element of Surprise, is active for three seconds after she uncloaks.

Omg I can’t believe I didn’t see that lol do you know the fastest way to do this?

I didn’t see it at first either xD
Not really, Deande’s not very good on PvE bit that would likely be your best shot, probably play The Void’s Edge or The Renegade a few times.

Make the burst an aoe, work on upping it’s damage through helix choices. Activate holotwin while facing backwards so that you’re launched towards your enemies and your twin died steal the kills. Use that burst on groups of weaker enemies. It’s slow and tedious but the best method I’ve found so far

Do the renegade mission, has a bunch of fairly weak enemies all the way through it.

Wait until they stack up a little after spawning then use your decoy as a distraction then dash into them and start swinging.

Took me a couple of hours to get the last 280 or so I needed.

Sorry I am not sure the name of the pve mission
do the mission with the “weak minion” the slim purple enemis I think the Void ?

Or the mission with the small robot; your AOE Dash will kill them; its slow it will take alot of game though :slight_smile:

Do the algorithm quest, right after geoff there 3-4 mobs that summon swarmers, kite em around, let swarmers build up. only took me 2-3 plays of the mission to get all of them (eventually ur twin kills the spawn mobs) but if the mobs dont die they will spawn unlimited 1 hp swarmers. stack cooldown to make it even quicker. only annoying part is killing isic at the end.

Thanks everyone! I was able to get it, this forum can close now.

Do you have the “Master of Deande” title now?

I sure do :slight_smile:

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Awesome, got mine last night!

Nice! I hope they increase the level cap cause I feel like its rather pointless using Deande now that I am level 15 :confused: no reward lol

Yeah I know what you mean lol, most of my community members have at least one master title and as much as we love our mains we want more lol :frowning: Now we try new characters and use our mains against full parties or suspected good teams :slight_smile:

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Or when someone uses my secondary character -_- lol lets hope they add a mutations for every single helix level!

That would be awesome, some characters have very late mutations and you wont always get to use them. Thorn and OM for example have level 10 mutations, though I never use them personally you wont always have a long enough game to level that high.

Thats another issue with the game (IMO) more experience should be given by killing a player, maybe a 1 level per kill? half for an assist? and more from minion kills.

If you leveled that quickly from kills the aggressive players would dominate games and the most skilled players would outlevel the rest way too quickly, there would be less incentive to play the objective as well and more to just kill enemies. I like that building generates high XP, I run a set that allows me to generate shards and build early so I can level on par with the early slayers, it’s a great tactic for late game characters like Kleese who can’t do much early game except kill minions and build.

Yeah but killing player isn’t an easy task, this game is no CoD lol two shots won’t kill you. It should be more rewarding. I consider myself a mediocre player and its fairly rare that I die even once in a game.

This is one reason why I love this game so much, the slow TTK means every fight is a tactical engagement instead of just first hit kills like many other FPS games.

For most people, no, but for a highly experienced player using a high DPS slayer they can rack up high kills very quickly and single-handedly dominate a game. The only thing stopping them from winning so easily is that they don’t earn huge XP just for killing while the tactical late-game players build and defend until they’re on par with or even outleveling the high octane slayers. Turtling is a great Incursion strategy, if the XP reward for killing was higher then every mode would just become a deathmatch and Meltdown is already near unplayable as that’s all it really is right now…