Deanne Cloak and Dagger challenge

I know I love it haha [quote=“Slif_One, post:20, topic:1436403”]
For most people, no, but for a highly experienced player using a high DPS slayer they can rack up high kills very quickly and single-handedly dominate a game.

True but this is a TEAM based game, people should learn to work together and help each other. I never go 1v1 because I always have a teammate with me.

Lol so you’re one of the Meltdown/Deathmatch contributors eh? Shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another reason why high XP yields per kill would be a bad thing, IMO :slight_smile: I think this would promote less team synergy and more kill happy playstyles. I only go 1-on-1 when I know I can win the fight, or when I’m forced into it and have no means of escape. When I’m matched with randoms I use my markers and try to isolate priority targets like healers or the dreaded Galilea, and I build even more then I would when playing with a party.

But you can’t win 'em all, if you lack team synergy chances are no matter how skilled you matched group is you’re gonna lose so sometimes you have to take the chance and try to surprise the enemy team with aggression and push them back, blindsiding can cause panic but it’s a very high risk tactic that’s only worth attempting when you know you’re outmatched and have to do something drastic to turn the tide of battle. In this example, if you fail and the XP yield for kills was higher then every death you suffer would give the enemy team a huge advantage, on the other hand if you succeed then you’d outlevel everyone and be able to win the game in one foul swoop. Tactics and longevity of matches are why I keep playing this game :slight_smile:

Oh come on she isn’t that bad anymore lol [quote=“Slif_One, post:22, topic:1436403”]
I think this would promote less team synergy and more kill happy playstyles.

I could see that but I still think they need to find other methods to reach level 10 more quickly because its really dumb how most character dont really shine till they hit way later down in their helix.

OR they should make a mode that starts with everyone at level 10. That would be so much fun >.<

A slight nerf to her primary attack and one of her skills isn’t much of a nerf, it didn’t change Shayne&Aurox (A nerf that was IMO unjustified) it wont change Galilea, she can still do… Well, everything else. Anyway, off topic…

Some characters absolutely suck early game, but those are the characters that are best defended until late game when they can come out swinging with the best, like Kleese for example who is IMO the best late game character to have on any team. But yes some seem lackluster until that point, the problem being that those characters can’t get enough kills early game to level up quickly so they rely on assists and building and minions, if kills generated such high XP then the late game characters would be useless as they’d never level high enough to be able to tangle with the likes of say Phoebe or Thorn who are able to kill quickly in the early game.

Poor thing lol still think shayne is way UP. [quote=“Slif_One, post:25, topic:1436403”]

How do people think she is so strong? I have used her before and seems on the weak side. Her melee is beyond linear and her specials are shet lol I would have loved to have seen her during the beta! Apparently thats where she really shined. But anyway I never have difficulty fighting her.

Phoebe is good in the right hands and against the right opponents. As I said, she’s a great counter to Thorn and Deande because she can teleport in from nowhere and eliminate you very quickly. Thorn is all about mobility and Deande stealth, Phoebe can neutralise your advantages. Her specials are crap I admit lol but with the slow on her Phasegate she can prevent you from escaping and lay down some serious damage, by level 5 she can slow you into her AoE ult, she’s a one-trick-pony but it’s a very good trick lol.
I personally absolutely SUCK as Phoebe, but a good Phoebe plays against my mains well so I always look for a teammate to keep her off me.

EDIT: And a really good Phoebe will know who is weakest against her so she will lurk and wait for the opportunity to pounce, if Deande can get the drop on her she can simply teleport away or drop her ult and force you to flee, she’s one of the few I have trouble against with both my mains.

OMG same. Shame to cause I loved her design.