Dear Attikus, where's your life steal?

So I play quite a bit of Attikus, I enjoy his playstyle of jump in punch things and jump out, and because I’m trash I spout Dio quotes every time I play him. I pretty much build damage and life steal on his helix because he needs the self sustain since he is fodder for snipers because of his size. However when I’m jumping in and supposed to be getting over 50 percent life steal on my attacks and see that I have healed for 173 despite the fact that I have left my opponent with a small line of health I can only ask one thing. Where did the life steal go? I’ve tried several different things such as changing up my helix to get more damage and attack speed with my life steal, giving myself items that give me more heal power or more healing received but nothing is helping. So my last resort, you guys! Perhaps one of you has discovered the trick to getting the most life steal out of his kit (I have every mutation except his last one) so anything from items to builds will help out greatly. If you want to know right now my items give me health regen (goes really well with his health regen per stack of hedronic charge) attack speed and attack damage. So please help me so I can help you guys win more games.

I would love some help too. I have the same issue :frowning:

Personally, I’d ask this question of Caldarius. The only way he gets any life steal at all (even though he’s Jennerit and that’s their thing) is through a mutation to his blade attacks or his legendary gear.
I am curious how you managed to get 50% life steal when the highest I’ve gotten is 15% from Hedronic Arc damage, 15% from basic, and 30% for 8 seconds after pounce. which really doesn’t add up to much.

The 173 you are referring to, you mean during a match or on the stats at the end? When I use the rank 2 mutation and start throwing punches, I see a ton of health coming in. If you are looking at stats, I’m not sure life steal is reflected there.

I suck at math, so I’m not sure whether his lifesteal is really what it says it is, but it’s not 50% - his various helix choices don’t appear to be additive; you can get 15% from melee, 15% from hedronic arc, which does more damage, damages more enemies, & can keep you up for brief bursts against multiple enemies, or 30% after pouncing. I use the 30% on pounce for 8 seconds mutation a lot but it’s not that noticeable, and the 15% on melee isn’t enough to make a difference w/ his low base attack speed. However, with his 20% attack speed helix & a legendary I use that gives another 9.8%, he feels like a whole different character, his damage jumps up to acceptable levels, his lifesteal combined w/ regen gear (and sometimes Hedronic Regeneration) makes him what feels like 2-3x as survivable, and suddenly I’m able to tank some damage and contribute meaningfully. Until you can get his attack speed up, sadly, he can feel like a burden in the early levels, unable to keep himself alive for long, & sorta worthless as a “defender” except in the truest sense of the word (like hanging back & defending your base), not tanking. Attikus is very reliant on gear & late game helix options. The other thing is that heal power & healing received don’t affect life steal AFAIK. There are a couple legendary items that have a lifesteal effect but I’m pretty sure it’s a whole different thing.

If you could combine several of his helix levels that make you choose between them, then he’d have strong survivability. If you could get both lifesteal on melee AND Tenacity, then the lifesteal would probably be worth it, but you can’t. If you could get Hedronic Regeneration AND Charge Efficiency, he’d have much stronger sustain, but you can’t. Maybe play Renegade a lot & hope for the leechsteel brooch, but I’ve never gotten it to drop.