Dear Battleborn Community, what would you want to see during a live charity event for the game?

As the title entails, what kind of fun events / shenanigans would you want to see during a live battleborn charity event?


We could get some private matches together to play supercharge, rocket brawl, etc. Vote to get to pick the mode?

Play with the devs?

Double xp/lootpocalypse?

Skin/taunt/platinum sales?

Shift codes for skins/titles?

Lego packs in the marketplace!!!

epic packs in the marketplace!!!

ftp can play algorithm?

All chars unlocked for ftp temporarily, and adding back in a draft queue so they can get a taste :9

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So is there charity event that’s soon to come or no? I’m confused.

Im planning one in the future yes

These seem more like a dream list then things I could potentially pull off for a charity event xD

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You never know, maybe you get some support. :slight_smile:

Play with the devs might be interesting. Watched a stream VOD shortly after release where someone was playing and chatting with Jythri. Found it amusing.

Twitch steams of Battleborn weren’t a troll magnet as nowadays though, don’t know if it’s too much fun for them anymore. :confused:


ya gotta belieeeevvvve!