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Oh, semantics. That’s my name!

Let’s start with aspect one of the use of the word useless in this context. It is a word of hyperbole, used to vent the frustration brought on by the fact that many things are Incredibly Less Effective. However, saying something is Incredibly Less Effective carries little to no weight, and gets shrugged off. Tell someone something is useless and they’ll think about it. Some will go “yeah. I guess so”. Others will test it and come to the conclusion of agreement. And still others will work to prove it inaccurate. They will either succeed or fail. Some of that will be on their mechanical skill. Some of it will be on their understanding of game mechanics. A combination of the two. Or pure luck. But the fact is that hyperbole is a tool of discussion that is often employed because Middle of The Road statements tend to get left…in the middle of the road.

But there’s a truth to the use of the word useless that comes down to aspects of connotation and audience. The people who check youtube videos tend to fit into a couple of categories. These aren’t mutually exclusive nor are they all encompassing. But for simplicity sake let’s mention three:

There’s Gun Review videos. These are watched by people who wanna know what a gun does and whether it’s worth looking for. These help all levels of players, because they give them a peak into the future of their own loadouts without having to farm something they won’t want.

Then there’s Playthrough Videos. These are watched by people who want to be entertained by a streamers personality and playing ability. These are often watchrd by people who don’t play, as well as people who want to play better, or just want to feel like they kinda experienced playing with someone they enjoy.

Then there’s build videos. This is where you’re gonna see the talk about “useless” weapons the most. Why? Because no one goes to a build video for “Here’s a fun way to play, it’s a little struggle bus, but it’s fun!”. That’s my niche. Lol. I’ve got a few of those videos. But no.

People go to build videos for “How to destroy content”. They don’t want the guns that take clips to kill enemies. They want to know how to one day get that 6 minute takedown.

So the use of the word useless, when seen in context to the audience these videos are designed for, makes perfect sense.

The fact is. They buffed a bunch of guns before m2.0 launch and some of those buffs let them hang in the Damage Threshold. Hellshock is one of them. Hellfire got some buffs, as did some other weapons.

You questioned the Maggie. There’s no new replacement for it yet, but it was already starting to drag a bit back at old m4. Now, it’s not really hanging in there.

There’s an issue at play here that goes beyond these weapons not performing well. That’s this loop Gearbox has made of answering the call for greater difficulty by adding more health to enemies…and then giving guns that negate that buff. So the people who wanted the added difficulty get those guns. And now the game is too easy because they won’t NOT use them. So we get an endless cycle of guns falling further and further behind as they keep doing that.

I enjoy taking a while to clear an area as long as that area clear feels like a fight and not a slog. That damage threshold I keep mentioning is the difference between a Battle and a Slog. When you have to dump a clip or two into the weakest enemy of the pack, that’s when you’ve hit slog territory.

Now for a few odds and ends.

You mention the Hellfire doing better than the Kaosin for you. I’d assume that in part that’s because a Gamma Hellfire will rip apart a shield then burn the flesh rather well. A suboptimal Kaosin might get held up at one step or the other. Another thing possibly happening is not accounting for the stickies. You might be using twice as much ammo on an enemy compared to what’s necessary because you didn’t account for the damage the stickies will do when they explode.

“Group Think”

I could rant for eons about the unironic use of Orwellian style vocabulary in active discussion. But this is neither the time nor place for that so I’ll try to be succinct in this one.

Group Think is often thrown around by people who are “dissenting” an opinion they see as prevalent in an attempt to discredit it with the connotation of 1984’s Big Brother. It’s a hyperbolic insult designed to place oneself as the true savior of free thought, assuming that the people they disagree with are all wrong because they agree and that it must all be part of socio-psychological hive mind effect that the Group Think Sayer is somehow impervious to. It often neglects to realize we are all sharing our experiences and coming to our own conclusions that tend to be similar enough that we say we agree. Especially in America, we have this notion that the rebel is always right, and the use of “Group Think” in this instance is an example of that mindset seeping through.

You can find use in the old guns and still recognize that there is a lot going wrong with how we’re expected to play with them. That’s all people are asking, that you recognize that the tool box has been severely reduced in effectiveness at higher levels of difficulty, and a continuation of this trend will only result in a very bland end result that will not be the beautiful Tapestry of weaponry that many want the game to be.


Man, I don’t even have words for this, but like… You write so good. Love it. But anyway thank you, that does make some sense. Because I am tired of repeating things I have previously said I am going to be leaving it here. That was really well put, some things I still don’t agree with, but hey, that is the point of opinions. But seriously, dude, why you write so good? Like… Dang… English major of some sort?

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Lol, just a word nerd with a penchant for making sure everything I write is up to my own standards. Lyrics and poems are my main skillset, but I like to stay well rounded :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not even kidding I was thinking that you had to write poems. Like not sure what it was about your typing, but I felt poetic nature. I used to love writing poems in grade school, but since I am terrible at English, which is my only language, I just write random things. But honestly, keep it up!

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I’m guessing that this is directed at me since I’m the one who introduced the term into this topic. You are free to interpret my words how you wish but in the writing of the words I tried to make clear where I’m coming from and none of what I actually said reflects your interpretation. So let me be more explicit. There are two reasons why I introduced the term.


Here is a specific reference in case you think I’m making it up.

There is also @DragHim’s own observation expressed and quoted below …


If you would like me to link to a recent response on a different topic where the response was basically saying that people not agreeing with the position that Mayhem 2.0 is trash are being disingenuous because everyone else agrees that it is trash. I can dig for it and post that also.

Hi there.
So, I flagged a few posts upthread, because they are off-topic (rather than having something to do with dismantling capitalism and returning the means of production to the workers).
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Oh, and I just want to mention that expressing a negative opinion about a game is fine. What matters is how that opinion is expressed.

Carry on. Back on topic.


How much will you charge to write all my future youtube videos for me

Well put

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Dude, I can head into Mayhem 5 with two different weapons that have the same damage stat. One will do 697 per shot while the other does 4230… same element. Similar fire rate. Doesn’t take a hardcore gamer to know that something is wack with balance even before you hit Mayhem 10.

While I understand what the OP’s gist is I myself disagree. Outside of an absolute very few “old” guns, the majority of them simply do not do enough damage to be useful at M10.
Sure, if you have all the perfect anointments, some will be useable.
Of course, getting those anointments alone is a huge issue with this game.
But several items listed, like Oldridian, Soulrender, Breath of the Dying, Gatling Gun, Roisen’s Thorns, Companion, Lucians and Rowans Call, Carrier, Linoge, Nemesis would really like to know why they all worked in M4, but the M10 equivalent requires 3 to 4 times the ammo, not for a badass, but a regular simple bandit.

I am not one of those who just ran around “one shotting” everything. Most of the weapons I listed needed a little work to use in M4, but in M10 their equivalents do not stand up in any fashion I have found.
I am not a “Pro” but I also have quite a bit of knowledge about the game and do understand fully the mechanics.

To me, the majority of the weapons in the game have been neutered too much, plain and simple…


I know it’s kind of irrational to you maybe, but I’m the type of dude who, if I have that OPQ/Yellowcake in my inventory, I feel kinda dumb using weaker weapons on high difficulties. Like “why am I spending 3 mags to kill stuff when I could do it in half? Why am I killing these bad guys, what am I looking for? Better gear to tackle this difficulty with? I already have it.”
A weapon has to have a seriously annoying mechanic for me not to use it no matter what (e.g. a cryo shrieking devil, or a Bearcat). Otherwise, if I am struggling (and mayhem 10 is a struggle), I simply won’t use the B-tier weapons.
My solution is to not play on high mayhem levels. Lots of guns still work great there.

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No man you got it all wrong. You need to use inferior weapons because it’s technically possible. After doing so you can say how skilled and knowledgeable you are that you can do what others only complain about. Then you will ascend to the lofty title of Forum Humble Brag Champion.


Oh, don’t you worry, I know what I’m missing out on. I cry myself to sleep every night.

Joking aside I think it’s cool if someone enjoys those “only green quality weapon” runs and whatnot, but I think it’s fair to say they are in a minority.

borderlands 3 has One hundred million weapons
like Yellowcake,OPQ,kaoson,redistrebutor,monarch and… other useless weapons
Damn! Gearbox did a great job that makes me quit this game

Man, the last few posts came in with so much sarcasm it could be hostile. Just because I have a different point of view doesn’t mean attack me.

Anyway, I will say my final words. Yes some guns are performing way better, but that doesn’t automatically make others useless. That is my point, will always be my point. I just used a Maggie on Moze with the Minesweeper and destroyed a badass faster than my Fl4k could using Rakk Attack and the Kaoson (mine is only a 18 clip and I use 4-5 clips to kill a badass, so a lot of people’s arguments seem confusing to me when it comes to the whole too many mags into one guy, but hey the Kaoson is more of a Moze gun so maybe that is why). If people are going to keep being Sarcastic and somewhat Hostile than I don’t want to communicate because this is a discussion not an attack. Thank you.

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You started off this thread by screaming (as implied by the caps lock) at a large majority of people that they’re flat out wrong and that they aren’t allowed to say certain things because it “pisses you off.”

Im not sure what kind of responses you were expecting when you start off an entire thread with statements like this?


Bro I haven’t played borderlands 3 in 4 days. Its just not the same game I used to love. There’s no strategy or cool builds. Grenades dont work, action skills dont work… to have a billion guns… someone please tell me why only 10 weapons are effective?

Yes you can use any weapon still but why ? Why would I use 4 clips of ammo taking down a enemy when I can get a kaoson and take him down in 1 clip?

I agree with everyone else on this thread, 99.6% of weapons are useless M6+ and your pretty much saying the same thing but in a different way.


Same. I haven’t played for days as well. The main reason is a combination of the issues you’ve mentioned, other issues that people have mentioned, and proliferation of MODDED gear in coop.

Edit: I enjoy reading and participating in the forums though as I find it more entertaining and challenging. It sucks though when some topics get closed. Well, live and learn lol.

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I use caps in place of bolds and such because most platforms I type in make it hard to do bolds and italics, but I realize now there are buttons. In no way was I trying to attack. I was saying it was pissing me off, yes. Because I was legit mad, but oh well. My intentions weren’t hostile, they were informative. My point still stands. I apologize for not being more observant in my use of these posts. Heck I still have no idea how y’all are pulling direct quotes like that… I’m bad with computer things. One of the many reasons I don’t play PC lolz

I must have to try my Fl4k anointed Kaoson on my Moze or something… I still have yet to see it use only 1 clip for an enemy, and its the second highest damage version, its not a x2. So maybe that is why? Idk, I feel I struggle with it and tend to use my Soul Render more.