Dear BL3 Community

No man you got it all wrong. You need to use inferior weapons because it’s technically possible. After doing so you can say how skilled and knowledgeable you are that you can do what others only complain about. Then you will ascend to the lofty title of Forum Humble Brag Champion.


Oh, don’t you worry, I know what I’m missing out on. I cry myself to sleep every night.

Joking aside I think it’s cool if someone enjoys those “only green quality weapon” runs and whatnot, but I think it’s fair to say they are in a minority.

borderlands 3 has One hundred million weapons
like Yellowcake,OPQ,kaoson,redistrebutor,monarch and… other useless weapons
Damn! Gearbox did a great job that makes me quit this game

Man, the last few posts came in with so much sarcasm it could be hostile. Just because I have a different point of view doesn’t mean attack me.

Anyway, I will say my final words. Yes some guns are performing way better, but that doesn’t automatically make others useless. That is my point, will always be my point. I just used a Maggie on Moze with the Minesweeper and destroyed a badass faster than my Fl4k could using Rakk Attack and the Kaoson (mine is only a 18 clip and I use 4-5 clips to kill a badass, so a lot of people’s arguments seem confusing to me when it comes to the whole too many mags into one guy, but hey the Kaoson is more of a Moze gun so maybe that is why). If people are going to keep being Sarcastic and somewhat Hostile than I don’t want to communicate because this is a discussion not an attack. Thank you.

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You started off this thread by screaming (as implied by the caps lock) at a large majority of people that they’re flat out wrong and that they aren’t allowed to say certain things because it “pisses you off.”

Im not sure what kind of responses you were expecting when you start off an entire thread with statements like this?


Bro I haven’t played borderlands 3 in 4 days. Its just not the same game I used to love. There’s no strategy or cool builds. Grenades dont work, action skills dont work… to have a billion guns… someone please tell me why only 10 weapons are effective?

Yes you can use any weapon still but why ? Why would I use 4 clips of ammo taking down a enemy when I can get a kaoson and take him down in 1 clip?

I agree with everyone else on this thread, 99.6% of weapons are useless M6+ and your pretty much saying the same thing but in a different way.


Same. I haven’t played for days as well. The main reason is a combination of the issues you’ve mentioned, other issues that people have mentioned, and proliferation of MODDED gear in coop.

Edit: I enjoy reading and participating in the forums though as I find it more entertaining and challenging. It sucks though when some topics get closed. Well, live and learn lol.

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I use caps in place of bolds and such because most platforms I type in make it hard to do bolds and italics, but I realize now there are buttons. In no way was I trying to attack. I was saying it was pissing me off, yes. Because I was legit mad, but oh well. My intentions weren’t hostile, they were informative. My point still stands. I apologize for not being more observant in my use of these posts. Heck I still have no idea how y’all are pulling direct quotes like that… I’m bad with computer things. One of the many reasons I don’t play PC lolz

I must have to try my Fl4k anointed Kaoson on my Moze or something… I still have yet to see it use only 1 clip for an enemy, and its the second highest damage version, its not a x2. So maybe that is why? Idk, I feel I struggle with it and tend to use my Soul Render more.

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Hi! Its true. I have many many m10 weapons and i happy for this. Loot sometimes old m4, but just 1-2. I play every day 10+ hours and i love this game. The problem is: crash/freeze consol a lot of time. Every variations (character, guns, maps, mh mods, just stand still in one spot…) the crash/freeze is randomly. Im so sad and mad this time. Im not a youtuber, just a player.

Jo, I’m playing skyrim right now xD

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One of my biggest complaints about BL3 is that it did little to properly streamline the communication or information.

What is Splash damage, What is Action Skill Damage, do grenades get Splash buffs if they explode, dose that classify as both Splash damage and grenade damage, dose a nova classify as Splash damage, dose action skill augment damage classify as action skill damage, I could go on if I tried.

The number of botched, buggy or broken interactions is past ridiculous. It isn’t a good think when any player needs to put down there controller for a game and look the answer up online due to a lack of proper or clear explanation. Background mechanics for damage, health regen, individuals skills they are all subject to some inconsistently in the game.

Samsara stacks up on action skill damage but it isn’t stacking for Tise that Bind BUT action skill damage buffs Ties that Binds damage.

Grenade damage buffs your thrown grenades damage and it also affects Tedior reloads even if it is a gun turret but it doesn’t effect Vladof underbarrel Grenade launchers.

The point is if I want deeper understanding of mechanics that should be the reason I start going online not I am scratching my head trying to figure out why something isn’t working or because the game was very un clear how something worked. This is why the Player base is so broken up. Casual players get lost in between knowledgable players, bad explanations and click baited videos from people who are modding and duping.

To finish I’m going to quick summarize how stats like action skill damage and Splash damage need to be applied.

If an affect or Augments deals damage to an enemy it should be subject to action skill damage benefits.
If something explodes, launches a nova, emites a wave of damage in AOE, or leaves behind a pool of damage, it should he subject to splash damage benefits.
If health regen is a % regardless of if it stacks on a skill or is a stand alone on a passive the % should add to one another and not dilute at all.
The game needs a defined tutorial page in game where stuff like this is explained and can be reviewed by players. The game should also reference this review section when new knowledge is presented to offer casual players definitive and concise info. Instead of making the games easier and easier with each new game do better at teaching players how to play well early on so it is simply a matter of practice rather then research.

BL3 is the easiest game in the franchise by a fair margin and it dose a fairly bad job at teaching new players how to effectively spend skill points or how to make the most out of there gear. The studio can do better and I hope whatever the studios next game is that is shows if not they will find themselves unable to rid the Borderlands train for much longer.


I kinda left this all on read. But just saying to everyone who has been aggressive about this. Look, GBX is listening. If you saw their Dev Update, you’ll see they are listening and they will update. So, just have faith in GBX people. They are working from home after all. So hopefully all of your issues with the Mayhem Levels will be fixed.

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I’ll say it again, not an excuse. They didn’t have to release mayhem 2.0 when they did.

Haha,GBX just admit a mistake in mayhem 2.0, and i definitely thought that they will make it more balance and better

You are right, most guns are not useless.

They are impractical, inefficient, ammo hungry, and are therefore dangerous to use as the longer it takes to kill an enemy, the less ammo you have to take on other enemies and the the more chances you have to make a mistake that puts you in FFYL.

And really, who isn’t looking for that in a gun?

Its actually around 92% that are useless on M10, if you only cound damage oriented legendaries/uniques.

Out of the 320 unique weapons, ~28 are viable, hence 92%.