Dear Dev: Lore vs Loot bonuses... why?

For example, Orendi’s Variable Morpher has a skill damage boost of 6%, while the Lorrian Skill Spike & all lower quality skill boost gear, has a 7% max bonus.

Why do Character Limited Lore Legendaries have a lower primary bonus? With the 3rd tier bonus already limiting its overall usefulness, why gimp the primary bonuses on top of that?

I am not advocating further reductions in standard loot bonuses, I just personally think the lore bonuses should match all the other max stats on gear.

Unless of course there’s a reasonable explanation for the lower values.

Lore legendaries used to have fluxuating stats, which was obviously problematic as you only get one, so their stats were averaged. Why not maxed I do not understand. I’d expect this to change in future as some legendaries, as you’ve mentioned, give poor stats by comparison to max rolls and thus are rarely used as only a handful are exceptional, like Benedicts.

Combine Benedict’s with Talon of the Hawk or Chrono Key, oh sh*t. But most are lesser variants of better gear and that shouldn’t be so, I want to use a good legendary after farming the lore challenges.

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I agree and the only argument I can think of is, ‘If you’re that good with this character do you need any other advantages?’ but I’m not sure it is valid…

Interestingly enough, Alani’s lore legendary actually has max stats for a med kit (14 heal power and 5.6 attack speed). Afaik, it’s the only lore legendary with max stats; not sure if it’s because she’s a DLC character or if they missed it.

It may be that they will fix that in a future update, and the Alani legendary’states stats was just fixing something before they released it, as the rest is already released. Not much, but maybe a sign.