Dear developers

I’m enjoying the game honestly but I cant help but to ask, why doesnt dahl have any legendary shotguns? I know snipers have the ability to switch to shotgun but they are indefinetly a waste of ammo to even use.

I don’t think any of the manufacturers makes everything, Dahl just doesn’t like shotguns.

For example Hyperion doesn’t do rocket launchers, Torgue doesn’t do snipers…

The developers called me… they wanted me to tell you they are keeping all the Dahl shotguns for themselves.


Dahl shotguns were in the cargo hold when it was on fire. They were all left handed.


I think Salvador has the only one.

Do you mean shotguns in general or just a weapon class other than snipers (and I will give it to you, that the shotgun attachment on the Malak’s Bane is not even remotely ammo efficient) with an alternative shotgun firing mode?

Looking at Borderlands 2, Dahl doesn’t make shotguns.

I think every one of the manufacturers have an overall gun type they don’t make… jakobs doesn’t make smg’s, etc… except for sometimes a weird legendary.