Dear Devs , After this event can u please 😁clean up what can drop <3

First off thankyou for a creating our game.

Can :heart: you please just restrict some world drops to a literal world? Also free some legendarys from dropping from named only mobs Or stop named mobs from dropping the random 100 generic legendarys.

Every boss drops a malaks bane a monocle a berner shield 10 gallon… Ive been around the world and back… Most dont need a long musket xxl from Every boss. Its not only bosses but named monsters and mobs which are considered dedicated loot sources.

Its too much!

In example. You want a transformer go to lectra city or a badass electric mob.

The dlc to many players have been corrupted now and are dropping normal world loot.

By tighening and limiting the loot pools on bosses and named monsters it can be a easier streamlined experience for everyone.

I’m sure no one wants to farm takedown and receive a monocle and big boom blaster from Wotan or every random smg in the universe.

Also theres elements and badasses. If a fire super baddass juggernaught :japanese_ogre: bullet sponge spawns and shoots fire is immune to fire. And he drops a random corrosive infinity pistol… :nauseated_face: Its lol.

Limiting what can drop and where can save us all headaches. Create better farming experiences and reliability.

Thats my two cents. I want the game to suceed not feel like a fulltime job and frustrate adults with limited free time. Even if a droprate is low if the pool of items a named or boss can drop is lowered its a greater chance for everyone.

:hot_face:Theres just too much rng and alot of people are complaining. :drooling_face:I want to recommend the game to people, just not in its current state.

Also id say 90% of legendary weapons feel useless at m10. :skull_and_crossbones: So i hope you guys do a grand review. With so many anointments and different parts and then elements i feel its really necessary to clean up the loot pools so players have a chance at least seeing what they are aiming for within an hour or 2 even if an imperfect version :triumph:. Or in the case of long ordeals like takedown and slaughters they feel and know theres a limited pool of what to expect a boss to drop.

I think it makes the endgame worthwhile. :grin:


Great post, being a Dad with limited time it can be frustrating but Borderlands has always had that element of grind to it, having said that I don’t agree that a select group of new weapons should be dominating like they are at the moment but I trust that gearbox are listening to us and the next few patches will even things out.


There are also so many unique mobs that spawn throughout the story missions or side quests that don’t respawn at the moment which, if they could, would allow for more spreading out of dedicated loot drops and consequently allow the shrinking of the world drops. If they just fixed these mobs to spawn again once the story mode was completed and gave them specific dedicated drops it could alleviate some loot drop issues, and give more reason to revisit less visited areas.


Righto i gotta wife n kiddo. I played bl2 to the max. I dont mind the grind but i do notice a difference as each boss had limited pools of items that would fly out. Used to scour the wikis n found they were on point. Nowadays in this game they can drop EVERYTHING. with way more legendarys it makes their pools bloated and convoluted. Especially since the loot is not really useful at m10.

Now the grind was for the version of a weapon you want. Biggest damage, right parts, firing mode, variant and element. Shields also in bl2. There were some things i loved about bl2 like the seraph vendors. I miss that stuff.

I played all of bl2 with my wife which she became obssessed with also. She even agrees with anoints tbis rng is too rediculous. We got two sandhawks both of us cant use either anoint after hours of farming and almost instagibbing katagawa. Days of fsrming 3 monarchs all stuff we wont use.

We had fun farming perfect maggies in bl2 10x maggie i had hodunks she had the drunks. Spawning. And hatchinf varkids forever etc. In many ways like that bl2 felt more natural and random a world that was alive and breathing than Bl3.

I love the sliding climbing of bl3 though. Both of us can probably kill a boss in a minute…i farm solo.more cuz i do enjoy minmaxing. But she says it’s too hard to find anything even together. She gets burned out
Its not fun i admit it. We do takedown and theres not really a reward waiting anymore.

We only have time because of Corona.

I find if shes not finding it fun either its tough for me also. The idea that only certain classes can use certain annoints is very :-1:

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I agree 100% also itd be nice if quest rewards came from a dedicated named monster also. Having them not scale with mayhem or getting anoints is a pain. Theres alot of stuff id like to use!

I used so many blue quest rewards and uniques >legendarys in bl2

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Well it looks like takedown is still the place to find woodblockers from Wotan and no dedicated loot.

Monday may 18th

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I don’t know if they are bugs but Jabbermogwai and Contructor 2.0 guaranteed drops sure are nice, I wish everything was like this :rofl:


Yeah the prototype on dlc1 always drops a ion cannon. The whole game should be like this becsuse theres too.much rng for oarts elements and thrn anoints?!

Anoints are insanity and the bane of my farminf experience. Im actually fed up sorta with the game.

You know how hard it is to find thr parts u want? The games become… Just pray for the gun to appear now and hope for a usuable anoint.

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