Dear Devs: Please allow max character level players to earn bonus credits in place of character XP

It will give a little more incentive for those of us who have our favorites already mastered/maxed out, and alleviate some of the concerns about unlockable characters having a high cost.

Currently, when you play a game with any character you have at max level, you get no character XP or extra bonus for having them maxed out and mastered. It’s better to play another character that will benefit from the growth or unlock faction packs/mutations for the work.

EDIT: basically, if you’re playing a Rank 15 Character, you’re losing out on half the rewards you’d be getting playing a non-rank 15 character.


Funny, I was just about to write this post myself. :slight_smile:
I absolutely agree! When I maxed my favorite character to rank 15, I realized there was really no point of playing with him anymore because the lacking of rewards. (Making the last skin for rank 15+lore challenges completely worthless by the way)


Totally support this! If I have a character I really like playing it’s kind of sad to hit max level and realize ‘well there’s not so much incentive for me to play you anymore’. Would completely support getting credit rewards for playing maxed-out characters, even if it’s not a ton of 'em.


Agreed. I just maxed out Marquis but have a few more Marquis challenges… and after grinding to character level 15 I find myself burnt out and not really wanting to play him though I love him so.

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I think XPx2 would be a good base. That would be an additional 90+ credits per match. It’s not a lot, but it’s something added.

make it recycle the path to lvl 15 and when we reding lvl 15 we get a new faction loot pack

Yes please! I play support only and have almost mastered all of them. Until Alani drops I’m low on options if I want all the xp.

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At the same time, maxing a character does provide incentive to try another


That’s a GREAT IDEA.

You got my support man!!! =)


Or allow every new character level equivalent grant a lore token which grants 10% of the challenge requirements

I could get on board with this. My only stipulation would be that the credits earned are just a nice little bonus. I say this because I fear if the amount given was high enough then people would farm creds as one character and be resistant to picking a new hero based on team composition.

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Or play a different character… There’s 25 to choose from and level. Put down marquis or Oscar mile for awhile and explore what the game has to offer

Deande, Phoebe, and Galilea - Rank 15
Ambra - Rank 12
Mellka - Rank 11
Several others mid-level or higher.

Maxxing out a character isn’t a difficult task by any means, and you’re missing the point of having a favorite you enjoy playing.

If you’re not going to add something constructive, there’s no need to come in here and play high and mighty with condescending comments. There’s plenty of negativity and bitterness in other threads. Please take it to one of those.


I totally agree with this. I’ve got a couple mastered characters and I adore playing them, but playing other characters I don’t enjoy can get boring or irritating and I want a reason to go back to those I enjoy from time to time. I would also like to get something past rank 100… it’s lonely at the top. JK it’s just boring.

And after this dbl xp event people might have a lot more at 15

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I added lots of constructive things. There’s 25 characters to choose from. That means there’s 100s of challenges to do for more credits just waiting for you. All the characters you play are all dps minus Ambra. So why give extra credits to someone that plays and mastered all dps characters? Like you said it doesn’t take long to get characters to max lvl so why don’t you play a different role and get lots of credits with a new character?

And once I’ve hit rank 15 on everybody, am I done with the game?

I see what you’re saying, but all people are asking for here is to continue to get some kind of payout for playing a character they’ve maxed, and it seems like nobody is even requesting a large one. 90 credits is pennies in the grand scheme of the game. What harm would it do? I love trying new characters, but the honest truth is I’m just not good at some, and just plain don’t enjoy others. If you love all 25 of 'em and have your fun maxing out every single one of them, good for you! Enjoy it! If I have my fun playing Thorn and Orendi all the time because they’re just my favorites, then that’s my preference! Getting currency instead of XP when you’ve maxed somebody is not a new concept in games. I don’t think it’s asking too much!


Maor credits moar fun.

Also why would I play anyone other than Thorn? That is ludicrous!

That seemed silly to me as well. I’ve maxed multiple characters before I even unlock the play/win 50 games with them.


Yup. ~30 seems to be the sweet spot for me.