Dear Devs: Please Promote Wonderlands better than Presequel

The thing about games is. If you don’t know they exist… You cant buy them… I didn’t even know wt fork the presequel was… Until wayy later and it was on sale.

It had no presence on youtube. On the search for action rpgs etc. I didnt even know it was a Borderlands game like bl2 etc. I wasnt interested in the tell tales back then.

Ima consumer. Is that really my fault? I have like 500 games. 400 something on steam. I love borderlands the series. I buy games. Period. I also sent like 10 or more copies of borderlands 1 n 2 to friends overtime
i have over 1000 hours in all the games on pc and playstation.

If it had no presence to me… It didnt have a presence to other ppl like me…

Maybe it was in the shadow of a giant like a Fallout or Elderscrolls games…i dunno? Ppl gotta be really stupid to release new stuff and compete with giants. All eyes are on the bigboys.

I appreciate all the diehard borderlands youtube guys… That said because they dont branch out they dont gain viewers outside of borderlands. Now theres hashtags etc.

You no longer have to pay the yelp of Gaming world aka… reviewers from old magazines. Garbage edgelord reviwers like on pcgamer. I.e. Biomutant great outta the box generally bug free. Wonderful game full of content. 60 on pcgamer. Patched a week after to greatness. Cyberpunk was given Favored reviews and well… It felt broken and incomplete. It was a month ago i could finally use a majority of ladders. The same weeby reviewer gave it a near 80.

Ppl watch YouTube streamers Facebook/instagram etc. Angry joe Fextralife gameranx etc etc. Im just saying please for this game sure its presence is known… I feel like the presequel woulda done sooo much better out the gate id i knew it was there what it was and wanted to play it.

Don’t make the same mistake! Let it be known what this game is and give ppl a reason to wanna play it. Show how fun the game is!

Also i wont buy it.if its not on steam. Bl3 screwed me over on epic not being able to use my items of play dlc offline on Epic…

Oh and how.about a big co-op buy for you and a friend or 3 discount if ur doing away with split screen cuz bl3’s split screen is horrible.


The push to promote it was weaker than I expected. I know it’s not a “”“Borderlands”"" game, but it’s weird that the Borderlands twitter didn’t post about it until a few days in. The announce trailer hasn’t even broken 400k views yet, and none of my friends who were hyped as hell when BL3 was announced know about this game.

And that E3 show didn’t help much either. It was just 2 screenshots and zero gameplay. It’s hard to get excited because there’s barely anything to look at.


presequel was enjoyable, but the fact that there was dlc and it got cancelled…well that sucks.

since this is based off a hugely popular BL2 DLC, im am honestly hoping there will be lots of DLC and not just sold short of no DLC. I dont care if it is extra stories or even a new hunter or whatever they will be called here. This could be huge…


Exactly! I feel like i will forget this exist!

Theres no one buzz worthy or nothing to remember or look foward to.

Right? This game has custom characters, melee weapons and armor! This is huge for Borderlands, and I had to dig a bit to find out. A trailer that shows gameplay would be cool to make sure that info is easily accessible.

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the prequel was alright and if honest love prequel more then bl3 itself yeah it has shorter story but characters and the theme it has of space is better then bl3 i think. As for new tine game coming im 50/50 on it as if its handled like bl3 was im not even buying it…i wait in solid reviews before i buy other borderlands game.


im so hyped
its hard to imagine people dont know about this xD

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Yep , if they had made BL3 a solid game it would have really help with promoting Wonderlands, seems like a decent amount of people have a bad taste in their mouth from BL3 that they aren’t hyped to share or promote Wonderlands to friends.



yeah im not jumping at this instantly then again most games i havent even been hyped for if honest maybe its because im bored of most games now or growing old but game has to have good track record or very good teaser for me to want it bad and thats rare case nowadays.


Definitely been a whole lot of games that have been a big let down lately. The Hype, promotions and trailers never tell the whole story and the game comes out in a beta state very few games (AAA) seem to come out in a well polished state anymore. I think I’ve lost too much trust to really get overly hyped.


yeah i love older games more kinda, as reply value is better also like dark souls, skyrim, pokemon games etc and also bl2 and pre sequel.


Rough example : Teaser shows character using an anvil and forging a glowing gun, hes hitting it with a hammer making the weapon. Pulls out weapon while the sound byte “Make your own” is emphasized. …
Fans: CRAFTING!??! nope there is no crafting of weapons in this game.

@PuppyOfDoom: Devs don’t Publicize the game, the Marketing and Advertising departments of the Publisher’s do the lion’s share of that. Your issue is with 2k, not the Gearbox Devs.



I’m aware of your new game coming out Wonderlands and have looked into it but as for pre-ordering or purchasing it day one…not at this time.

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YOU CLEARLY havent seen the insane hype job tbat was cyberpunk2077 full of dev talks and hinting at features that werent there.

Ive literally watched like 40 bajillion trillion videos.
What they did was way better than any paid advertisements

I should put this more specifically: It is not a game developer’s job to market and promote the game. They should know the game better than anyone else, and be able to convey that information, but they also don’t have final say on what will make the cut in the game. The head’s of the studio they work for, and their publishers will have sway over what content they want in the final version of the game, and what may be cut for varying reasons, like releasing the game sooner, or not having to support features that require a lot of time and energy to maintain.

Judging by the results of the Cyberpunk hype, it sounds like letting the Devs put out so much content for the press misrepresented the final game that came to market in a pretty damning way.

We did get some videos for TPS:

Did you miss those?

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Completely missed 100% of all those videos and hence the forum.

None of that content ever reached me. Thats in no way a fault of mine. I really do wish id known about it when it came out.

If it released around a falllout or TES game… Forget it… LMAO id be goneee from reality for.a month or 2.

I just want ppl to play the next game and know it exist.

Marketings no longer just some ads anymore. Its twitter social media. Comedy clips. Machinima love… All that jazz.

Edit: main point. TPS. Was a superb game imo… It shoulda reached a bigger audience and sold way better.

It was done the way things were at the time: announcements at big shows, PR to IGN etc. and other media, and posts on the forums. I think they also had Twitter stuff going on, much like they did for Gaige in BL2? The big difference between TPS and BL3 was the rise of game streaming as more of a main-stream media channel.

I think what’s really being glossed over is Gearbox did reach out to the bigger Borderlands Streamers at the time, who promoted it before release, particularly Bahroo & Gothalian and there were a lot of complaints from that group of streamers that the Endgame was a huge disappointment

Many named enemies were not farm-able, drop rates were too low, and the Grinder was a chore. It took a while before some of those things were changed, and the biggest Borderlands streamers resorted to playing Borderlands 2 instead, or switched to Destiny which came out a month before the Presequel.

At that point a few of the bigger streamers now, K6 and Joltz in particular, hadn’t cracked triple digits in followers or had only just, and were posting videos to youtube primarily and not streaming on Twitch. To retain viewers, they stuck to Borderlands 2 because the backlash against the Presequel due to the initial issues and the gameplay loop being unexciting to stream audiences. That was blamed on the lack of action while traveling maps, along with a few changes to the pre-release expectations regarding content (from 4 story DLCs to 4 DLCs, two of which being playable characters, one being the Holodome). The result just left the majority of the audience numb to the game. There was a dearth of content since there was only one story DLC.

The release of the Handsome Collection on the next gen consoles, of that time (Late March 2015) coincided with the release of the Claptastic Voyage DLC and to many cemented the thought that TPS should be treated as an expansion to BL2 and not it’s own game.

Any new game coming off the heels of Borderlands 3 will benefit from more time between games for promotion and more than just a narrative shift to differentiate itself from the previous title. Having actual celebrities in the game who can promote it to their audiences will be a big step forward. Going from Ice-T to Sandberg, Sykes, and Arnett is a major step up.

Also, now there are so many more people who are now making a living off streaming Borderlands related content, as well as a few variety streamers who do lean on it as well, that the backlash from them will be minimal. Critiques are a lot less hostile because of that these days, for better or worse. Complaints tend to take the form of polite requests like, “I love the game and appreciate all the hard work, but it would be great if…”

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