Dear Devs: The Agonizer 9000 lootpool..Is Actually helpful.. Limited lootpool ftw! Only Dedicated and cosmetics!

Having a Smaller lootpool and not being able to drop the whole world of legendaries is extremely Helpful!

At first i was frustrated i wanted a backberner to destroy the new takedown with fast… I only got plaguebearers. Anyways…
Literally… He was dropping nothing but cosmetics and sometimes id see a damned… I guess its his dedicated drop? Then a emp5. Eventually a backburner

Im actually happier he has a small lootpool and doesnt drop unnecessary extra legendaries. He only drops his Dedicated drops. This is a good model.

All bosses should be like this. With a caveat of maybe artifacts?

Borderlands 2 everything had limited lootpools and their dedicated drops. This means eventually ud see the item instead of a library of the whole games drops.

This is better because the lootpools cleaned up. Because aggo9k has less loot he can drop hes dropping at better rates. Or at least i know what to expect.

My frustration went down once i realized the lootpools have been trimmed massively for this one boss.

Most … No ALL bosses should be like this! Their dedicated loot and maybe artifacts? Not the whole world of legendary weapons!


I agree to a point. The fact that it’s almost guaranteed when you see a legendary that it is one of his drops is GREAT! The drop rate is still pretty awful tho, especially for the backberner in particular. I seen maybe a dozen in 7 hours of farming. None of which had a useful anoint surprise surprise :confused: It def did feel better to know that the orange that popped out was going to be an emp or backberner tho instead of having to sift through tons of useless garbage in hopes of less useless garbage lol

Hell Yea they should do it all like this. I’ve been able to get like 30 backburners in maybe 90 minutes of farming agonizer. Good annoints too!


JFC must be nice lol 7 hours here and only about a dozen with no noteworthy anoints sadly :frowning: (of course mayhem 10 just in case anyone was wondering, guess I just have as usual the worst luck on the game)

I dunno dude, I seem to have unreasonable luck in this game lol. Since I wrote my last post I just got two more lol

If you’re on pc I’d be happy to send you one haha.

I mean I also got 2 smogs my first run of the takedown and the new cov launcher just a few minutes ago on my second run. Go figure haha


I truly appreciate the attempted generosity but sadly I’m on xbox. The thought does mean a lot that you’d be willing to give me one tho <3

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Its really dumb cross platform isnt a thing. Itsa pve game even majority of pc players use controllers for this game… U dont need careful aiming here.

This aint cod lol


Lmao I also just made a post about this! I was the same way I thought it was a mistake, but then it clicked. Not having world drops makes the game way better! If only they made every boss like this!


I too think all dedicated drop should work like this. Leave the world drops out to the world. The % to get an anointment and element you want is already low enough, we don’t need more complexity added to the loot pool to make the slimest of the chance even slimmer.

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ZKarmaa made a video about this, I hope they are experimenting with Agonizer. Maybe it actually is just a glitch ATM. Maybe if they see the community liking it, they might make similar changes across the board.

I do know for a fact though, that if they do make changes to loot pools we will get it on these forums second hand. The absence of GBX communication on their own forum is pathetic.

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