Dear Doctor Dumbass: TPS edition

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A0: Best of the best
A1: best parts
A2: Skill guides
B0. Math stufff
B1. Basics
B2. Elemental
B3. Cryo research
B4. Critical
B5. Athena’s Aspis
B6. Athena’s gun damage
B7. Athena’s Melee
B8. Claptrap Gun damage
B9. Weapon DPS tables
C1. Multiplicative research

A1. Best parts:
Youtube accounts:
Blut Fatal
Official DDD channel
BL2 DDD thread
Comprehensive List of Gun Prefixes
The Vault Hunter’s Guide to Lasers
Guide to understanding damage and min/maxing

A2. Skill guides:

B0. Math stuff:
B1. Basic damage equation:

Splash equation:

.SplashAmount: A simple multiplier that represents the amount of Splash Damage a weapon has, expressed as a decimal.
For example, 80% Splash Damage would mean 0.8 for this value.
.GrenadeDamage: The total bonus Grenade Damage you have, expressed as a decimal, IF the weapon you’re using has Splash Damage that that benefits from it.
For example, +25% Grenade Damage from Steady and +10.2% from Badass Rank would mean (1 + .25 + .102) = 1.352 for this value.

B2. Elemental:

cyro is being worked on.
ElementBonus?: Any further bonuses to the specific Element you’re using, which means Explosive, Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Cyro or Slag.
Note that this is NOT the same thing as Elemental Effect, Burn, Corrode, or Electrocute Damage bonuses, which only affect Damage over Time effects and NOT the initial hit of your weapon.

B5. Athena’s aspis formula:
The thread

[quote]Final Damage = ((Base Damage + (Absorbed Damage x 2)) x (1 + Invictus) x (1 + Clear!) x (1 + Grenade buffs from Bar + Oz kit + luneshine) x (1 + Omega Senshu)) x (1 + Maelstrom)

So if you have a com that gives you +6 to OS and you are wearing a Bomber com, grenade buff shine, and 10% bar, and you fall into fight for your life here is the max damage it can do as far as I know.

Final Damage = ((940 + 53,999) x (1.35) x (1.4) x (1.65) x (1.7)) x (4.996)
Final Damage = 1,455,116[/quote]

B6. Athena’s gun damage:
Current thread on it
So with Athena’s gun skills here is how they fit in

Athena has 2 special multipliers both Omega Senshu and Tear and they are seperate.

Lastly Maelstrom is Elemental bonus. So if you work them all in they look like this.

Final Damage = (((Gun Damage x (1 + Ephodos + Path to Glory + Gun Kata) x (Critical Hit)) x (1 + Tear) x (1 + Omega-Seunshu) + splash damage) x Elemental bonus x (1 + Maelstrom stacks)

Now the numbers I got were not 100% matching there was a small margin of error when every I tried to figure maelstrom so I’m guessing the 0.4% has more decimals to it. I am also guessing that tear and OS come before splash like most multiplicative buffs do, but I do have to test it since reaper was the rule breaker and OS is much like reaper.

B7. Athena’s Melee formula:

The thread

B8. Claptrap’s gun damage formula:

The thread

B9. Weapon DPS tables

C1. Multiplicative research:
Maliwan continuous bonus

Non-visual parts guide:



I linked my DDD threads to this, also I updated the gun damage thread and ported it over here, and also ported the skills guide. Craw, I meant Captain Hindsight also ported Athena’s melee formula thread so you can update those links.

I’ll start working on them after I port all the other threads over and finish writing a DnD campaign I just started two days ago.

If that picture that was posted on facebook says anything

Damage modifiers for TPS

Elemental Damage Modifiers for TPS


Fun fact, Criticals with Explosive damage benefit from both the 3x multiplier and the +200% Type A Critical Damage.


Thats I’ll add that after I finish formetting things.

Clappy’s skill guide has been ported over: [DDD] Fragtrap’s skills for you!