[Dear GBX] - Stop Trolling Your PvE Players And Nix the PvP Lore Challenges

You screwed the pooch with this design decision.

Now you’ve got angry PvE Players, who are hating the PvP barrier to Lore AND PO’d PvP Players who are screaming at PvE Lore focused Players dragging their team down.

You made a lot of good decisions with this game, but this was a horrible one.

You gave 2 characters a challenge to kill Ambra 25 times. But does Ambra have a Lore Unlock in PvP? Nope! So no PvE Ambra Players will be playing her, hence fewer Ambra encounters, and the ones that are there are PvP focused Players. Good luck on those kills kiddos!

And the same goes for Oscar Mike!

Look, you’ll let a PvP Player join a Solo Private PvE game and finish their PvE Lore Challenges. It’s silly that you don’t allow a PvE Player join a Solo Private PvP game to finish their PvP Lore Challenges.

Instead you’re subjecting PvE Players to a mode they have no interest or investment in and making them suffer through it for more Story. And you’re not winning Players, especially PvE Players, over with this approach! You’re creating tension between the PvE Players and the PvP Players and you’re leaving a bad impression with the PvE Players. And those Players are telling their friends!

Just kill this idea. It’s only serving to troll your PvE Players, and if you thought you had good intentions with this decision, well congratulations, you’ve created a literal road to hell for these PvE Players.

Look, the PvE element is one of the key differentiators between your Hero Shooter, and those other Hero Shooters. Don’t BLOW it by chasing away the PvE Players who bought this game because of that differentiator!


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