Dear Gearbox: a thank you

Dear Gearbox,

I just finished Homeworld Remastered, and I really wanted to say a sincere thank you for the last slide of the end credits. To be honest, I didn’t even know Campbell Lane’s name until today, but ever since the original, his voice has been one that has stuck with me as an icon of sincerity, wisdom, and empathy – a small memory of happier times.

You certainly didn’t have to do that, but it means a lot to me, personally, that you did.

Thank you.

-Scott ‘Inquisitor’ Mence.


The inclusion of those slides (one per game, they aren’t the same I think?) was a huge deal. His voice is signature to these games.

In addition we thanked Trinity because she was a poster on the older forums (and first on these!) who suffered from a terminal condition and sadly passed just a few weeks from release. She has a badge in the game, and was a VERY active beta tester who freaked out at nearly every new remastered mission’s details and graphical updates. Her enthusiasm was infectious, even if she wasn’t able to talk about her experiences with all of you…


I was wondering what happened to her, i didnt know she passed on already. :frowning: Im glad she was given beta access and at least had a go at the new game before the time came. She was great to read posts about as she had a unique way of posting and talking about things.

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You have no idea. She was a very very prolific writer and possessed boundless enthusiasm. They’re both missed.


For those who didnt know here is her on the old forums named tomboy.

Bitvenom which is the badge that was for her id like to see it ingame.

It says ‘trinity’ no? The triangle?

@BitVenom. You guys used my idea! I made a thread about this on the old forums. thanks so much for adding it, and honoring those who are now amongst the stars.

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maybe it’s because his name’s lane, not lee.

Eh? I have no idea what reference you’re trying to make…

I read the post, and holy crap what an amazing woman!

I’ma have a look at that badge while I swallow that lump in my throat, and get the “thing” out of my eye.

Thanks a lot for sharing her story. I guess HW is a window into what we where, and age has made it so apparent that we too age. We love, win and lose, and some of us leave way to soon.

“Trinity”. I’ll remember that name…

Might be a bit OT, but this really hit home with me.

I’m playing a few games using that badge to honor Trinity. She seemed pretty cool, I never knew her myself, but her way of looking at things was interesting. I’m glad to see that one of my favorite games of all time gave joy in the final days of her time here. Kudos to Gearbox for including her in the credits and the badge, and letting her play just before the train had arrived for her.

Well, that was expected, but anyway, that hit hard. Thanks for giving her beta access, though, it is extremely heartwarming to know that she was able to play her most loving game in a remastered form before passing away. I fill with tearful joy imagining her booting the game up for the first time! It should have been a wonderful way to leave this place. Hopefully to another homeworld :’)

I think I’m gonna play the HW1 campaign again with that badge to honor her, and to test the new update :relieved:

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I have to say something in this thread, but I’ll take some lines to explain a context.

In my case the first thanks is to the Producer, Brian Burleson in behalf of Gearbox. We’ve been talking about Homeworld just right after THQ auction. Brian was always around in HW3 group in Facebook and I was an active modder airing some stuff there, this was around a year ago, I think. Since then, Brian has been open to ideas and hearing all the HW fans he could to make the best for the project. I think the results talk by itself and I’m glad Brian let me be part of it.

The other guys I have to say thanks are BitVenom and SCole. I have to thank them for their patience. I can only say that I started to bug them long before you did. I talked with BitVenom more often but after a time, HWRE was entering in the final stage. With the release of HW, all the fans are feeling relieved, but these guys and Gearbox haven’t stopped yet. As I am satisfied with the results, I have to acknowledge their share on this.

I have to testify more issues that ppl might forget easily or simply don’t know, so I’ll left it written here.

Before the auction and the arrival of GBX, there was no perspective for HW anymore. When I started modding, in a time window of six months, the RelicNews forums got empty of modders. I mean, it was scary. At that time, if by any miracle anything would be released by the IP owner, it would be a patch very much deceiving than the present “update of HW1C and HW2C to current systems”, which you all know it’s the smallest part of HWRE. Nevertheless, we would have raised our hands to the sky and have said “thank you, it’s a miracle”. It’s not exagerated that, by the time before the auction, we were all in Kharak, not even having a Taiidan frigate passing by just to spit on us. There was no drama, just boredom, except the efforts of modders and active players.

Just before the auction, only 3 things were visible for fans: BBI claiming they were not interested in the auction because they were focused in their game Hardware: Shipbreakers, a guy that opened a project at KickStarter to save Homeworld and finally, the awful scenario of loosing the IP in the Limbo of bureaucracy, actually the strongest probability for the average fan still playing HW2 back then. So, summing up our choices were: frustration, despair and annihilation.

Right in the result of the auction, Homeworld was (kind of) treated like one of the less important assets and Gearbox took it, probably disagreeing with that, if you regard the investment made just to have the IP. Didn’t pass much time to some ppl warn the community putting pressure over GBX. Following the auction, fans in general had only 2 arguments: don’t FPS HW and bring back the old band. Gearbox worked out more on the argument that could bring more concrete results in terms of attitude and went after BBI. Not only did they acquire HW IP, they also doubled the bet by financing BBI, allowing their game to become part of HW franchise.

So, I say thank you, because Homeworld is not a game alone, it’s a paint renderer, a recovered ship concept bloodline and a living sanctuary for sci-fi dreamers. I say thank you because, generally speaking, you did all we’ve asked for. And I say thank you, because that’s what grateful people feel and do.

Since 2010, I’ve been focusing only RTS games and related forums. One of the most common thread in all of them is “RTS is dead and outdated”, so, anyone willing to invest in a RTS game is very welcome by the core player. You all know a common expression in game communities that says “Shut up and take my money” - many say it, few do it. Real fact, the guys with the highest bid on that attitude I have seen is, by far, the GEARBOX guys.
Thanks for that!

You all have fun with the “new” Game, let’s go play it.


Geez, screw all the nitpicking I’ve been doing. Three years ago we were nothing, and now we are here. It’s nice to think that GBX was the Mothership that took us to Hiigara.

Thanks, GBX. We can be VERY annoying at times, but truly, we are very thankful of what you people have done.

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Agreed. Thank you very much for bringing Homeworld back to the world of the living. HW1 was probably the best game I’ve ever played, it offered much different experience than any other RTS games before and after and I really liked the visuals. And the story… it really struck me. And most importantly, it introduced me to progressive rock changing my life.

I knew him thanks to the reimagined Battlestar Galactica and only then I realised I actually knew his voice before. I didn’t have idea that he passed away earlier this year. R.I.P.

Right in the feels!!! You guys are amazing!


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This. For all the criticism we might have, the fact is that Homeworld is now relevant again at a time when RTS’s are picking up speed. This alone was worth it a thousand times over.

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