Dear Gearbox: Another Eridium thread

Gearbox, please - for the love of all that is holy … adopt an idea from your loyal fan base and give us some fun things to do with Eridium.

(Posters - please reply in the hopes that GB will adopt one of our many ideas for Eridium. Short and sweet posts - give them happy thoughts!)

Here are some of the top ideas I’ve seen:

  1. Gunsmith (Alter guns/parts or reroll augments or boost your favorites with extra stats etc.)
  2. Add more skins and heads to Earl (everyone likes variety)
  3. Boost or empower player skills or skill tree items.

Ok - fire away community of vault hunters and may Gearbox be ever in our favor…


Some kind of crafting/re-rolling system is desperately needed, especially for anointments.

More items at Earl’s is a one-time thing and doesn’t act as the much-needed resource-sink, so I’m not such a fan of that idea.

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Pump it on Moxxi’s slots… Serious tho I have 2 M10Recursions and I need to put the grip from one onto the other. Iike no joke if that were possible rn I’d have a Recursion with perfect parts/noint.

New actual costumes for the vault hunters would be great, instead of just skins


That isn’t Borderlands-esque.

Not every game has to be like every game.

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Guys, you remember the grinder from TPS? Remember how broken it was when you got a legendary and could dupe it to get any legendary you wanted? Remember when you added a luneshine to the mix and could get perfect gear from literally 1 legendary? That was amazing never needed to farm for anything. The game was complete after one lucky drop at low level. If you can’t tell that was sarcasm and I feel the reroll or part swapping of guns ruins the looter aspect of a looter shooter. Yeah you can say that you need the gun with that specific part but it’s a lot easier to piece things together than find it. I am an advocate for making the annointments into trinkets for guns. That way you can change them out and experiment with different ones on a specific gun. This could also open up more trinkets to unlock or buy with Eridium.

I read on one of their blog posts that we shall be able to spend eridium on the gungun, to convert it into legendaries, so there’s a start.
Idea #1, a gunsmith, would be perfect. We could pay them with eridium to switch out gun parts that we salvage from spare legies or change/add anointments.
I’m not sure about a new idea. Maybe pay eridium to customise mayhem mods instead of rng rolling them, but i have seen that suggestion before from someone else. The same goes for Moxxtails. Add new eridium slot machines? Or vastly increase the chance of generating alien guns from the ones already in the game, that payout is ridiculously rare. Being able to buy class mods and artifacts from a new eridium vending machine might be well received.

Please use an existing thread. Ta.