Dear Gearbox, are you serious?

I made a summer break to play also some other games, so I post it now and not earlier.

Last year, players that preordered for PC were the only ones to not get the Psycho mask.
There was a Deluxe Edition and a Super Deluxe Edition. The Super Deluxe Edition was on 100 Euro for preorder and raised to 120 Euro after.
Now the Deluxe Edition disappeared, the Super Deluxe Edition dropped to 80 Euro and an Ultimate Edition came out for 100 Euro???
We paid the same as Console players, got less and now the price drops drastically, a lower Version gets removed and a higher Version comes out at the price we paid???!!!

Might someone understand, that it might frustrate fans to a point to even stop loving the series???
And I am not the only one. I have spoken with some friends that also loved the series and bought everything until now, but are questioning that now…

We accepted the flaw of not getting the masks, but have the highest Version of the Game right from the beginning and to enjoy it, but that changed with your new setting of Versions and their prices…

In hope to reach someone and make them review these decisions, or maybe taking some of the frustration and anger of others, that think of this, but dont vent,


It’s a year old game dude, prices drop.


if u want deals u gotta wait. this goes for everything

Yeah, FOMO sucks and usually leads to unrealistic expectations that are never met. That’s why I stopped buying games at full price decades ago. I also do my best to avoid the hype and let others do the post-launch “beta testing” for me. In BL3’s case, I am a Steam Player, so the fact that they created an Epic exclusive for six months actually worked in my favor and I was able to buy the Super Deluxe Edition for $50 back in March. Of course, GBX then mucked more things up with Mayhem 2.0 that I have had to slog through, but I won’t get into that here.

Bottom line, always wait for a sale. Full price for a new game at release is always over-paying. There is nothing so important that is being offered that you can’t wait for (and in many cases, get later anyways).

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You can buy the DLC independently you don’t need to rebuy the game for the new stuff. Having another season pass or large paid content drop is nothing new. If you get a new console you get a free upgrade. If you want the new content you haft to pay. They launched new editions because they want to draw new players in an offer then a discount on additional content as a way to market the game.

I would also like to call attention to literally every Nintendo game on the face of the planet. Some Pokemon games will never drop in price. Bundling dlc with a game to maintain a price point has been around since early PS3/Xbox 360 days. I remember GTA5 bundling Shark cards with the game on Steam whenever there was a sale just to hold the 60$ priced tag.

As I recall GBX also did this with BL1 twice and BL2 twice. BL1 had a GOTY edition on PS3 and 360 with dlc bundled, BL2 did the same thing. Then The Handsome Collection this one was more then full price because it had 2 games, then BL1 remastered on PS4 and Xbox one was the first re release that wasn’t full price at around 30$ and the new version was free on PC if you had the older version with its DLC.

My point is this is nothing new. Why get upset now about something they have been doing for years?

Why do you care that a more expensive version is coming out? You already own the game and the content within. The new season pass is $30 on its own. Whether that is worth paying is up to you.

Uh…games go on sale and drop in price over time, this is not a new practice. Gbx owes you nothing extra and these posts just come across as whiny and entitled imo.

By your logic the handsome collection should have cost the full price of both games and all content at launch (prob $200-$300 dollars), just so you don’t feel ripped off years later.

Maybe I should be more precise: The problem is not the drop itself, but the combination of being the only pre-orders not getting the masks and then dropping the price by 1/3 to replace the lower version and create a newer one with the same price…

Yeah, but usually not by 1/3…Also the removed Deluxe Edition had the actual price of the Super Deluxe Edition, while the Ultimate Edition has the price of the Pre-order Super Deluxe Edition…
That really gives a feeling of having your purchase being downgraded…

Well yeah, if you wanna look at it like that.
Otherwise it’s just incentive for people that haven’t played it yet.
Which is good for them.