Dear Gearbox, BL3 needs a 180° move to go forward


I enjoyed BL1, BL2 and all their DLCs. I enjoyed BL3 and its DLCs, even if I was disappointed by the current Mayhem system and really disapponted by the short cut of DLC4.

This post is about pointing out what IMO went wrong, and giving suggestions how to fix that.
Values given are mostly for demonstration purpose, and should not be strictly considered as a given target.

1) Narration and backtracking

At the very beginning of BL3, some quests and sidequests get automatically redeemed. That was a very nice surprise, not having to go back to see NPC, wait for him to finish talking, and get the reward. Then, for some reason, this logic of “I get quest validated automatically and reward is sent by mail” went await, and I had to go back to Lilith and other NPCs, repeatedly.

Can you add some option to skip NPC talking in UVHM ? Can you edit quest tracking so we don’t have to go back to quest giver simply for casual chat ? It’s futuristic space thing, it should be totally okay to clear that part talking by radio and sending my VH rewards by digistruct mail.

2) Drop rates and annointments

Farming for 1 specific piece of gear can be tedious in the current system. It got better when you improved dedicated drops from dedicated sources, but the current drop rates and the annointment system still make the farming process very frustrating.

Can you adjust drop rates so that dedicated drops have a 100% chance from dedicated sources at M10 ? And then less for each lower Mayhem level ?

Can you adjust anointments drop rates so that VH-related anointments have a 50% chance at M10, and VH-related anointments would be selected only for the currently equipped VH (ie. I’m playing with Moze, I get Moze or general anointments, but never Fl4k/Amara/Zane anointments) ?

3) Mayhem scaling and modificators

Current game settings are spread on 2 difficulties (easy/normal), 2 modes (normal/UVH), 2 coop settings (cooperate/coopetite), and 10 Mayhem modes. That’s 80 possible combinations, not even considering the possible modificators combinations. It’s good to have options, but it’s also a problem for reliable matchmaking in a game that is in theory designed for multiplayer cooperation.

Can you reduce the number of Mayhem levels ? 3 or 4 Mayhem levels would probably be way enough, spread from the current M1-M10 scaling (so “new” M4 = current M10).

Can you make modifiers an option we turn “on” and “off” at will and which impact drop rates and xp gain rather than a built-in thing we are forced to use when going into Mayhem ? So that at M1, we get 1 mod slot, at M2 we get 2 mod slots, etc. and so that 1 easy mod gives -20% rate, 1 medium mod gives +50% rate, 1 hard mod gives +100% rate ?

4) Future content and schedule

I do understand the current Covid-19 thing situation make things more complex than they should be. Delays in an exceptional situation are completely understandable.

Are you done with the rebalancing of in-game gear ? If not, could you please announce which weapons, shields, etc. would be impacted next several weeks before, rather than announcing a surprise buff or nerf with each hotfix ?

Can we expect more “free content” releases, like new events, new Takedowns, or some other shape of extension in the foreseeable future ?

Can we have some kind of roadmap of planned future DLC and update releases ? (assuming there is more than the 2 announced DLCs in the pipe)

5) the DLC4 issue

What is your position about those players (and press reviewers) that say Krieg’s Fustercluck DLC is shorter than previous ones, and by consequence overpriced ?

Thanks. Hope to see more and better BL3 soon.


Raid boss’s are one future content that should be considered. It was a new feature in 2 except for crawmax and quickly became the lifeblood of endgame. Especially community challenges for them which was really fun. But yes your post is dead on.


You got to give Gearbox some slack. Yes there are those that say DLC4 was lacklustre but the Devs had to work at home due to Covid and some probably don’t have the tools at home that they do in the office. I think they’re doing a smashing job with what they can do at the moment and I don’t expect any high standards I normally expect given what the current circumstances are around the world.

I’m not saying BL3 is perfect because it isn’t but given time it’ll have as much love as what HJC did get.


As much as I hate Mayhem 2.0, I do second this. We got 10 levels of Mayhem, but I can bet that barely anyone plays on levels 5 or 9, and if they do, finding a match with all the other variables is almost impossible.

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At least M5 is where there’s an anointment rate increase from 1-4 and, for me at least, the enemies aren’t as unnecessarily spongey. M9… yeah its pretty pointless. M8 gives the guaranteed anointments and M10 is the highest it can go. Could say the same for M7 really, at that point just go to M8 for an actual benefit. M6 is at least like a mini M10 with its 4 modifiers and it gives the access (to farm) to its exclusive weapons. But yeah, there really isn’t a point in having 10 Mayhem levels. Could probably reduce it down to 5 levels.

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Agree. They had to adjust to a whole new environment but still had to push out the DLC in the same time-frame. ive been very critical of BL3, and DLC4 is my least favorite, but the fact it exists is definitely something to be proud of

i wish they had more time to put more love into it, but what can you do?


Yep there is really no point in having 10 levels.


Hard pass on that, drop based on what class you play is the most insidious change ever made to loot formulas (Diablo 3 be cursed)

You’re asking for shortcuts. Good gamers do not enjoy this, shortcuts dilute the experience so a younger gen can simply press button for instant gratification.

Good games (RPG’s/openworld) are not the place you go for a streamlined experience. They are tedious, Grindy and a time sink beyond what used to be considered healthy recreation… The reason you have to work inside these games is because to reach the top echelon should be an achievement, its time and effort. Instant quest turn in is not aesthetic, its streamline, class specific loot is streamline and renders loot almost scripted guaranteed.

I wanna take Zane, fight and have a hard time getting a good loadout, because when I do achieve it, it’ll mean something,

You earn your power in Borderlands, whether it be solo, with a friend sharing ideas and gear or you cheat like scum and don’t have to claim to bragging rights/tarnished honor.

I’ve wondered the same thing about all the mayhem levels… I agree M9 seems the most pointless of all; you’re already driving through heavy bullet sponge country at that point, might as well just go all in and bump it up one more to the top level. Well, it’s one less modifier at M9 so I guess that’s the only plus about it heh.

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“tools” programmers use software, a computer/internet is all you need.
also ALL the dlc were released/developed during covid.

idk bout you but i’ve been practically shut in since march.

i haven’t played dlc 4 just streamed it, and I don’t know, I don’t see how it could have been dragged out longer.

Its not an entirely new world, you’re just in some dude’s head, any place you go, or thing you do, would have to do with the plot and as your in a mental space there are effectively only 2 (in this case 3) people/conciousnesses that truly exist to interact with, and one of them is you.

So on that i have no issue, it was as long as it needed to be, as it should be.

What kind of S-Rank BS are you pedaling man? :joy:

First off, isn’t it more of a shortcut to be able to play just one character and get all the gear and all the anoints you need for every other character? Think it through.

& Gamers love shortcuts, you must not remember cheat codes, and what about mods, good gamers invented modding.

WTF. this isn’t old warcraft, and bad Grinding was never fun, and this series has never needed so much grinding until this entry because of the sheer amount of rng we have to deal with to get good loot.

And the developers changed that by buffing mayhem world drops so now legenderies fall like rain. So that doesn’t apply to this game either.

Seriously the F is this. Its a GAME.


I thought it through in 2009, if I play a Gunner class and the world revolves around my class, everything found is for my class with no chance of finding a piece for my friends beastmaster.

It was flawed logic in Diablo 3 and many a fan of the franchise abandoned it because of “Play Barbarian, everything drops for Barb”

IMO that is f stupid.

like i said way before M2.0 hit the game… there shouldn’t be weapon scaling… that for me was the one thing i hated about OP levels…

now there’s not much diffrence between m1-10 because weapons scale with the enemies… on top of that anointments push the scaling into insane territory. i 1 shot mobs on M10 (shoot 1 enemy and everything near it explodes into a red or otherwise gold mist)
sure i have BiS items for zane… so i can just farm items for all other VH’s with him and skip over other mayhem levels with them. where as there wasn’t weapon scaling i could play the game with what ever vault hunter on what ever difficulty i feel comfortable playing on (and not have lower mayhem weapons clutter my allready bursting inventory)

also being able to just got to M10 and buy scaled weapons kinda beats the point of progressing through mayhem

Access to exclusive weapons was literally the only reason I went to M6 as I was perfectly happy playing at M2. The same when I went to M4 in the original Mayhem, just to get the COMs. Wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, more endured it. Locking gear behind higher levels is a mistake IMO because it forces people to make a choice between the lesser of two evils.

With original Mayhem I could at least drop back down again after getting what I wanted and it didn’t affect my game, so just a brief-ish period of unpleasant gameplay. But now with Mayhem 2.0 and its scaling I have to choose between dropping down to a level I prefer but now with OP gear or sticking with a level I’m not entirely happy with but at least my gear is on-level. sigh

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er, what? You’re the spokesperson for “good gamers” now?

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Look, you just go wish for streamline and shortcuts ok. Never a personal attack but in my eyes, use a slang term - thats weak bro.

Some of the requests, not all but most. Toughen up a bit eh. Tenacity and the ability to endure/have dedication and work towards a goal, without cheating, shortcuts and actually earn something… That my fellow Vault Hunter is honorable, demands respect. These values are key in all aspects of life.

Like I said, streamline, shortcuts…
Thats weak, get out of here with that weak shiv. Gyod

Depends entirely on what you’re doing, to be frank. If you’re trying to challenge yourself, then sure makes little sense to take a shortcut. However if you’re trying to farm a boss you’ve already killed before and just want to minimise the tedium of doing the same thing over and over just to get a specific anointment then the goal would be to knock it out as quickly as possible. There’s nothing “honorable” in trying to make things more difficult for yourself there.

When farming Knuckledragger for the Hornet in BL2 I just used the biggest baddest gun I had because the aim was to bring him down in the shortest possible time. Same for Savage Lee and the DPUH. I wanted instant gratification because honestly both fights were boring a.f. and I just wanted to get it over with so they could drop the damn gun. That doesn’t make me a bad gamer.

In BL3 when farming for the (then) new COMs at old M4 I just sped past every enemy on the way to the boss without firing a shot because it was too boring for words to have to go through a 20 minute slog when I could complete the whole run in less than 2. If you have to redo it a dozen times it doesn’t make sense to want to put yourself through half a day’s fighting when you can do it in half an hour

Sometimes I want to enjoy a challenge, especially if it’s something new. Other times I just want to mess about and have fun and I’ll approach things differently. Doesn’t mean I’m only a “good gamer” on the former days. I think you’re just taking your personal preferences without allowing for the fact that everyone’s different

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The comparison with RPG/openworld is a bit off IMO. The actual drop chance of a specific item can be compared, though. You seem to know more RPGs than I do, so I will let you answer:

  • in an RPG that does NOT allow to change stats or properties of existing gear (not at all)
  • gear that has randomly generated stats and 1 or 2 defined elements
  • gear that has 1 random stat on top of the others that impacts up to 200% damage
  • gear that has a farmable specific loot source

What are your chances that this piece of gear drops ? What are the chances it drops in a specific element, with specific base stats, with specific extra damage stat ? What is this RPG’s name, btw ?
Can you describe the farming process, is it like “kill boss, reload game, kill boss” ? How long would it statistically take to have a 100% chance of getting the target item ?

Can you compare these odds with the chances of getting some specific loot in BL3, let’s say a M10 Monarch, double-barrel and best other weapon parts, cryo element, 150% Rad below 50% Hp annoint ?

Can you really consider you’ve been challenged getting such Monarch ? Wiping M10 Killavolt a thousand times is not hard per say, it’s just boring long. Your CPU would probably have more challenge not boiling from multiple resets and loading screens than you’d have actually playing.


People keep complaining about drop rates, but farming a boss 500 times makes it appear much more than it actually is because the process is so mind numbingly boring.

I can bet anyone that if borderlands 3 had a more fun farming progression, people wouldn’t complain about low drop rates.

Hell, I could stay in bar brawl in bl2 for hours before I even noticed I had enough tokens to buy a legendary off torgue vending machine, maybe even two. That was fun.

Farming one boss for 600 times is not fun.


Interesting point of view, mate.