Dear Gearbox: Can we please get some Arachnis Ringtones?

“Lord of all spiders, huntin’ for some upgraaaades!”

There are already a few characters up here:

Please tell me we’ll get more, and that we’ll get some NPC dialogue too!


Oh god I had to try the toby one, and the last sound file is… my favorite quote of all time
"I warned you ! did I warn you ? I should’ve warned you… Consider this a warning !"

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The Orendi ones were cracking me up.

Lol, I heard that one earlier. Cracks me up.

I never understood what orendi is saying… And now that I’m listening to these soundfiles, I notice that she has 2 kind of voices.
But still the ISIC one kills me like always.
It’s funny because here he sounds more human and like they made these sounfiles without using the “robot voice” effect

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