Dear Gearbox, could we finally get rid of LV 49 chest drops, please?

Playing TVHM M3 and constantly receiving LV 49 drops from chests is slowly starting to get annoying. Especially if there’s a cool legendary weapon inside, that dropped the first time ever after hundreds of hours of playtime. It feels somewhat unrewarding, if you still get items with sub-par stats on them, although you reached max level. Currently, there is already enough RNG involved in getting specific drops, there is no need for anonther layer on top of that imo.


I actually find myself in 100% agreement. There should never, at ANY time, once level 50, be a drop under level 50.


partially disagree.

the world as standard does not scale with you (discount bosses), unless you are in Mayhem or TVHM.

So to expect no drops <lvl50 is not in expectation with the game.

However in TVHM/Mayhem - totally agree, nothing should drop under your current level.

I can agree. TVHM and MM.

Totally, agree if you play normal mode expect lvl 50 with occasional items dropping sub lvl 50.
TVHM should scale depending on MH mode . With gear drops in MH3 dropping lvl 50 gear only with better than avg stats on rolls. otherwise what is the point of play MH3 when I can get the same gear on MH 1 or even TVHM?

Not even sure it should be a requirement to be on TVHM or mayhem. While leveling if you get an item above or below your level…that’s fine. However, once you hit 50 there is no reason to not always get level 50 items. Period. It just makes no sense…even if you only ever plan on playing normal mode (do people do this?) it makes no sense to get a 49 item.


Think about it,

Why would early areas reward you with lvl 50 drops? Where’s the incentive for you to work in different (read: tougher) areas?

MM throws that argument out the window though.

If i remember correctly it’s a problem that has been in game since BL2

I’d also say that vending machines should always scale to your level.


Yeah, currently only the vendors on the Sanctuary do that as long as you haven’t reached max level yet.

Totally agree, I have yet to get a level 50 Maggie cause the only places I seem to get it is in chests. I think it’s a bug honestly. I think it’s pretty awesome that the sanctuary vendors always stay on level though. That was my biggest problem with leveling in 2 and TPS. It was so hard to keep on level gear in those games.

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Getting lvl 49 stuff on m3 tvhm is total bullsh*t

I’ve been saying that to myself and anyone in my lobby for over a month, glad you posted this, I finally got a chance to say something about it.

While it is annoying, I don’t personally feel like it is one of the more pressing issues at hand since we will inevitably get a level cap increase.

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Has that been officially confirmed yet, or are we still making assumptions based on past experiences?

It is officially confirmed as the subject was briefly approached during the borderlands show episode 2. I’ll try to time stamp so you won’t have to go look through the whole thing.

Edit: Randy Varnell confirms it in the answer to a question during the show at 1:30:23


Timestamped YouTube link of the confirmation -

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I’d concur.

off all the issues occuring for various people, I’d say thats low in order of magnitude.

UI tops for me :slight_smile:

You might be getting something mixed up. In The Pre-Sequel, I’m pretty sure that all vending machines automatically scaled to your level.

On topic, I agree with distocresta: Gear drops should be guaranteed level 50 as long as you’re playing on True Vault Hunter and/or Mayhem mode.