Dear Gearbox, Do You Even Play Borderlands 3?

As the title suggests are you even aware that The Takedown at Guardian Breach is nigh unplayable? I’m pretty sure that the balance is way, way off. The unique weapons are basically worthless. The bosses are poorly designed. I mean come on with the health gates. Sheesh! I mean this is really, really disappointing. Just for futures sake please test your content before you release half arsed crap. I didn’t buy this game and the season pass to be a beta tester. Please get your s**t together Gearbox, please.


Im pretty sure they dont & by the looks of things all they do is play Destiny which is going downhill nearly as fast as Borderlands is.


You might have overlooked in the fine print that you willingly paid full price for the game to be a beta tester, at least I think its in there because that is how I have taken this game since release.


I sometimes wonder if this is the same team that made Borderlands 2 ?

I don’t recall all these problems in Borderlands 2. Right now, no matter what they release they somehow screw it up again and make it worse. It’s almost comical.

What happened between BL2 and BL3 ? Did they fire the devs that made BL2 and hired some students who previously worked on skyrim mods? I have a hard time believing that this is the same dev team that made BL1 and 2.

It’s really sad how they STILL haven’t found a way to fix the problems of the loot system.


was tempted to get godfall on PS5, until i spotted was gearbox making it, and the total mess BL3 has landed up think i’ll sit that one out and see what happens before wasting my money.


Don’t blame their publishing department. The game is developed by: Counterplay Games

Same thing with Risk of Rain 2, Hopoo Games has done a great job with patches on that game.

Don’t throw them in the same boat regardless of the flags flying. Gearbox developed BL3 while 2k published it.


Gearbox is only the publisher for Godfall. They’re not the dev team. I’m still looking forward to it.

Have a feeling that something is going terribly wrong in their company. I mean we have major issues with Mayhem 2.0, the lootsystem, stability of the game and plenty other things and instead of fixing those problems they give us another takedown.

I mean free content is cool but wouldn’t it be better to actually fix the game first?


I suspect this is the “live service model” in action. Teams don’t feel as much of a need to get it right because they can hotfix issues. I also suspect with this game and weapon balancing the answer is to push changes and collect data to make decisions.


Unfortunately, that sounds accurate.


It is not. Might be a few of the same people worked on both, but there are a lot of folks on BL3 for the first time in the series, or at least the first time in their current role in it.

Big thing is, you don’t feel the hand of Anthony Burch on this one. Some folks (homophobes mostly) didn’t care for him “forcing gay agenda on us” or whatever, but most could agree back then that he was a big part of why BL2 was special in ways that 1 was not.


I’ve felt this way for a long time. So many problems and issues that turn up that you generally would notice right away if you actually played the game. At this point I am pretty sure all they do is watch streamers play the game and balance everything based on what they can do, versus what the average player can do while showering the streamers in exclusive skins, trinkets, etc.


I’ve said it time and time again, it almost feels like Borderlands is made by people that don’t actually play games. They have a very hard time understanding how the ideas they come up with on paper will actually affect the game once implemented. Mayhem 2.0 and all the problems caused by weapons scaling with each Mayhem level is a great example of this.

Or, if they do play games, I think many of their current staff don’t actually play or fully understand the looter genre specifically and how things should be done. The people who loved Diablo and came up with the idea for the original game are mostly long gone now I believe.


I have read that there has been a lot of turnover at the company since the days of BL2, and I remember them specifically coming out like 5 years ago and saying that they want to make BL3 but need more developers, so I believe they hired a lot of new people. Something tells me they didn’t exactly on-board a bunch of industry veterans.


Maybe the staff is burned out / low morale and they dgaf anymore. Just trying to collect another paycheck and live their lives


Whatever they release, they never get it right. People give them negative feedback for that and rightly so. Very likely that their morale is low due to that.

That being said, we wouldn’t have those problems if they actually played and tested the game. Took me 10 minutes to realize that the enemies in the guardian takedown are waaay to tanky - bullet sponges!

I would need a full squad. Problem is that the matchmaker cannot find anyone and when I find someone we land on the Maliwan Takedown, but everyone wants to play the Guardian Takedown. So those people instantly quit the game / cancel the connection. Why can’t we just choose which takedown we wanna play?


Of coarse they don’t play, I mean how do you go from something so promising:

to this?


Only reason people used SMGs is because pistols/shotguns/rockets/rifles/snipers/grenades got NERFED TO KINGDOMCOME!
(save very few)

People had variety in SMGs more so already.


That’s highly insulting to the creators of Skyrim mods. Have you seen how good some of them are? Many of them greatly improve the game in ways that Bethesda should have done themselves. Actually, maybe that’s the solution for GB. Start allowing mods to BL3 so the fans can actually fix the game.


If Destiny doesn’t go fully free to play, I dont know who will keep playing it. I played Destiny 1 like it was my job, but D2 is just awful.


Great idea. The Gearbox devs clearly cannot get it done. Maybe they should give the fans a chance to fix the game they paid for.