Dear GearBox, I love you!

My dearest GearBox, oh how I love you! I have suffered many days possibly weeks of suffering on the battlefield. Days would go by and often I would look for a sign from you that you were with me, and having faith in me for choosing to play Moze as my main character. Often would I dream of a day where I wouldn’t have to suffer compared to every one else. Using iron bear was problematic on m4 having almost a 2 minute cooldown.

But after today a sign from the heavens appeared and my prayers have been answered! Today’s patch was long overdue but worth the wait. Now I can run a non SoR deathless build. Finally I can run my iron bear setup, my mindsweeper build, and my bottomless mag build all thanks to the fix today! Iron bear for me at the moment is under 30 seconds with a FULL use of iron bear and no cooldown skills applied. Keep up this amazing work and I’ll have your babies!!

Sincerely yours,


I mean, it was a decent patch but, uh, wow.


It was a pretty good patch, other than the whole Recursion nerf. I do not mind it too much though.

If your talking about the Guardian Rank bring re-implemented, then they just fixed what they broke. So yeah, thanks for fixing it?


no kidding