Dear Gearbox: I want this and I will give you my money for it

Plz make the weapon trinkets and Fl4ks class mods real fan merch, they are cute and I want them for necklaces, earnings and decorations. If you do not like money I will understand if you don’t make them but otherwise they would be small and easy to make. DO IT.

This is the 2019 gaming industry, they’d sell turd if they thought people would buy it (in fact EA and Activision do exactly that multiple times each year). I wouldn’t worry, at some point it’ll probably happen.

You could always commission an artist to make some for you but that would likely be both quicker and more expensive than waiting for Gearbox to mass produce them.

I could make some for you in paintbrush for free. You can print them out, use a scissor to cut around the edges, bend it voilá:sunglasses: