Dear Gearbox, my snowflake response to Moxxi's advice re killavolt

Dear Gearbox,
I realize that Borderlands is not the most socially conscious or politically correct game on the planet, but since the devs obviously consider themselves to be pretty “woke”, what with the name-change for “tinks” and the decision about FL4K’s pronoun, I’m a little surprised that in the game, Moxxi’s advice before I go to Killavolt is “Shoot him in the dxxx!”

Now, I realize that this is supposed to be funny. Historically, in movies games and tv, violence regarding men’s genitals is played for laughs.

But isn’t this kind of joke … a little antiquated, behind the times … embarrassing? Like the way certain jokes from the 80s are no longer funny, but rather an uncomfortable reminder of less sensitive times?

It’s not like I’m offended. Geez, I grew up in a family of sailors. You’d have to be pretty creative to shock me morally.

But I am kinda surprised that this joke still seems okay to you, that sexual violence against anyone is okay in a game? Maybe think on that before BL4.


I mean, there is a quest in the first part of the game where you have to “Shoot a guy in the axx”

And there are plenty of other references to sexual innuendos in the game. It’s like 20% of the games dialogue it feels like at times. Just all part of it.

Like it, love it, hate it, all of the above? Just shoot it. That’s what we call a Pandoran handshake.


Asking someone to shoot/punch a misogynist in the dick is VASTLY different than acknowledging gender pronouns or not using offensive titles for people. Also, punching someone in a vulnerable body part is NOT “sexual violence”. Sexual violence is something VERY different.

What you’re insinuating (even if you don’t realize it) is that saying “Punch him in the dick” is on a similar level of offensive as using the N-word to describe someone of African decent or that it equates to molestation. It does not. Punching someone in the junk because you want to physically injure them is not the same as asserting dominance over another person through sexual assault.


Taken out of context you may be correct but in context it is a punishment for a misogynistic person, it is also supposed to be a funny punishment.

In-game after doing it if you are playing as FL4K they will say " I am neither man or woman but you need to respect both" It is showing that his personality is not okay in a humorous and outrageous fashion.

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Imagine, however, that we were talking about a woman. It doesn’t matter what the woman’s personality is. That kind of violence would be inexcusable. So why is it comedy when it happens to a guy?

As for “sexual violence”, okay: what would you call an attack on someone’s sexual organs then? Give me an appropriate term?

You can “splain” this anyway you like, but it doesn’t make it okay.

EDIT: Yes, I know borderlands is a game where we kill people and set people on fire. I get that. I’m just saying: maybe genital attack jokes should be left behind? I honestly think it’s behind the times.


Ultimately its a fictional outrageous universe, if that is how misogynists are dealt with in that world so be it. I get you can’t put aside your 2019 PC culture but just like in South Park their world is more vulgar than ours. That’s all there really is to it.


this is clearly a joke, this person cant be real.


One of the best comments in the game


Assault. If you are physically injuring someone it is assault. If you are attempting to molest/■■■■ someone that is sexual assault. We are not attempting to sexually assault them. We are attempting to murder/injure an individual who spreads toxic masculinity. We are “assaulting” them as a means of stopping a bad person from continuing to commit bad actions.

It totally does. If the woman is a horrible person who spreads a message of hate and prejudice (if it is in a society where females have the privileges and sense of entitlement that males have in ours) then it is totally cool to say something like “punch her in the tit”. You’re not trying to molest them. You’re saying “this is an ■■■■■■■ and they deserve punishment. Physically injure them in a place that hurts”.

If Moxxie had said something like “Bend him over and shove it in his ass” then yea, I would say that is a ■■■■ joke and completely inappropriate. I see two possibilities here: either you have good intentions, but do not fully understand the subject you’re commenting on (a common issue that many people suffer from occasionally) or you are goading people in full understanding that you are attempting to provoke a response. I would like to imagine it is the former.


I think it’s funny in general. Kinda wish I got extra exp for shooting him in the crotch. If it was a woman and asked me to blow off her tits, my reaction would be the same chuckle.


My stance is, if you are going to joke about shooting male genitalia, just ask yourself, is it also acceptable to joke about maiming female genitalia? My only rule is don’t be a hypocrite. And yes,I understand it’s difficult to joke about specifically shooting off genitalia when it’s largely internal.

Which oddly enough, I don’t understand why all the VH are upset with Killavolts sex puns. Moxxi makes them all the time. Moxxi just says it in a more sultry tone.


its irreverent. Its a joke.

Humor is often a great way to discuss and digest uncomfortable topics.

How we respond is key.

I loved Torgue for this kinda thing. The friendzone joke in presequel. His comments about respecting women in Badass crater dlc.

His over the top masculinity coupled with his respect for women was intetesting. I didn’t find much value in Killa Volt. it seemed cheap, and is only vaguely “acceptable” because he’s a he. Had it been a lady, and we were supposed to shoot her bits off… I can imagine how that would have played out.

That said. I don’t much care. Its just evidence of how the writing and humor too often unsuccessfully apes previous games.


There is a quest about a man of dark brown complexion, named Mr. Brown, who sends you on a quest to collect feces.
It awards one of the strongest grenades in the game, the Porcelain Pipe Bomb, which explodes in a manner similar to a septic tank exploding.

Borderlands isn’t about highbrow humor.


Yes, but also no.

It’s telling you this because his groinal region is a critical hit spot, which is new, and it’s a tough boss fight.

Don’t read to much into it. Reading these forums shows that people posting here are just trying to hard yet not really paying attention to the game.


I still find 80s humor funny, matter of fact at least men were men and not snowflakes…


I can kind of get where you are coming from OP so don’t feel like you are alone. I too felt this uneasy sense that men in this game are just second rate citizens when it comes to the game narrative.

  1. Example that you mentioned. My only hope is that there is a future DLC or Quest where we have to shoot a female bandit in the pu$$y. I mean equality, right?
    (There are numerous examples of this type of humour which I cringed at every time I had to do a quest or mission with these horrible jokes)

  2. Troy is considered through the whole game as a parasite and trashed the whole way through that he has to leech off his Goddess of a sister that can do no wrong and that everybody loves. Troy is the weakling beta male. Tyreen is the empowered female. Nuff said.

  3. Ava. She is the future of Borderlands and it is so obvious going to lead the raiders in the future. Screw Mordecai and Brick, I guess? I mean they have only been there since the very beginning and know all about fighting and tactics and missions and TEAMWORK! (bad story writing is bad)

It is just a sign of the times and the culture OP. Don’t dwell too much on it. It’s just sad that the majority buyers are male yet this type of material keeps coming through the mainstream to belittle us at every turn.
It is such a shame that the gameplay of this game is just so damn good though LOL. Still game of the year IMO even with the horrible writing.


They are doing different stuff now, not a part of the Crimson Raiders in that compacity. Brick now has his own gang called the Slab Gang and Mordecai is searching for “everything this freaking universe owes me,” so I don’t think he’s in for a leader either. Lilith didn’t even want to be leader through the whole game

Punch him in the dick or kick her in the moose knuckle. PC culture can take a hike. Go back to Maple Story and let us enjoy our dick and fart jokes. :hugs:


For me it’s less about PC and a little more about wanting to see the other side of it too, though actually female psychos is a step forward.

That plus the writing is wack.

Personally, I want to see more quests involving headbutting chicks in the babymaker, you know, for “social balance”.