Dear gearbox, please add dlc characters, revamp skill trees for siren and zane, and allow customisable skin/gear options

This is my first time posting a discussion on gearbox borderlands.

DLC characters are great, they add more variety to the game, they allow us to play as others, removing the idea would suck, i’m still stuck between who to play as, the only two characters with cool skill trees are Mozy and Fl4k.

Zane and Amara well, Zane’s abilities are awesome, but overall he sucks with them, don’t feel as good or as useful as as Fl4ks and Mozy’s.

and Siren, o’boy, throughout the whole borderlands games, their skill tree’s have always sucked, they sound great, and are supposed to be superior beings, but overall they’re terrible.

I like to change the skin tone of Amara (I’m a supernatural fan, and kinda want to make her look similar to her in the show (well close as possible) and long hair (which is already cool but still), and i’d like to remove her abs, they don’t look right on her.

please add DLC characters, it’s more to the game that we happily want.
Allow us to choose skin colour of our VH’s .
Remove abs from Amara.
Redo/Make Zane & Amaras skill trees better, Sirens skill tree’s has always sucked!



As someone who mains zane, I can agree with you in that zanes damage output seems extremely underwhelming in comparison to the other classes.

I heard there was a nerf to zane before launch, not sure if that had to do with the majority of his problems.


What looks your skill tree like? I main zane too and actually melting the enemys on mayhem 3.

Its just the typical speed/gun damage build youll see around youtube. It definitely works your right but not as well as the other vault hunters.

I actually developed something using a very specific artifact that could potentially give you even more damage than some of the other classes but getting this arifact is near impossible with the nerf to loot.


Absolutely 1000% totally disagree with this. She is awesome just the way she is.


I haven’t played for long, so i haven’t progressed as much, but i do notice he takes more and deals less damage than the rest

She’s awesome (apart from her skills), but i think she’d look much better without the abs and somewhat manly voice

I think the abs add to her looks, and I like the sexy purr of her voice.

But I do think she and Zane both talk about themselves way too much

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maybe an option to have the abs and not?, i love char customisation and making them somewhat unique, i think this would work well, if they did.

Yeah they sure do haha

I am going give a vague suggestion about the DLC idea is separate map with a vault with Tina and Ava task in finding a vault and the DLC ends with the revival of maya without her powers and Roland but the power of vault collapsing and you have to escape.

The reason I chose the two is I chose the two is their strong connection to dead character Roland and Maya

More time with Vaughn, Tina, Brick, Birdman, other VH (side missions, events, etc.)

More trophies appear on Sanctuary like list of location phoenix channel is access, part of target in zero room instead cross out picture, a trophy room for achievements similar to hammerlock room: mannique with your favorite outfit, memorial for the fallen like Scooter, more places show off weapons, achievements statues or objects .

Bring back BL2 fast travel system

Better way to access the challenges

More of ability to alter my room and ship


oh come on…you didnt stick with the other’s code names

and I just hope the dlc we get is very varied, like we get all kinds of environs

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I could not disagree more :confused: Lilith being able to break LoS and disrupt combat was an absurdly broken ability, she could completely de-aggro whole mobs or bosses and unlike Zer0 in BL2 wouldn’t draw aggro again immediately after uncloaking. Crawmerax was ez mode with Lilith.

Maya was the best mobber in BL2. Between Converge, Cloud Kill, Ruin, Wreck, Chain Reaction… One Phaselock and everything dies, OP10 DigiPeak was easy with Maya and got easier with more Mayas.

Amara? She has hands down the best survivability in the game, huge burst damage with action skills and the Rush mechanic, can face tank and melee and bosses to death, and that’s only scratching the surface of what she’s capable of.

This is a silly complaint. Amara is not your typical feminine character, she’s buff and tough and yes her skin is dark. There are other characters you can play if dark skinned muscly women offend you.


i mean…she is mean’t to be indian no?


Not really the point, but yes, between her title of “Tiger of Patali” and her accent, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

sorry, its just well, when someone is designed to be of an indian motif, whether thats through actions or accent, I expect someone with tanned skin, not someone paler than paper

Which artifact?

a Snowdrift Splatter Gun @Faux_Pirate

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Do you just slide really fast? And since he’s already moving really quick that makes him do more damage? Or is it something else?

Ya its the increase in movement speed. But splatter gun also gives you a 50 percent damage increase with shotguns while slideing so sense you can combine those two and the fact that there are some really powerful legendary shotguns, I thought it would lead to a powerful enough zane build to potentially compete with the other classes.

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