Dear gearbox, please add dlc characters, revamp skill trees for siren and zane, and allow customisable skin/gear options

What is the deal about removing her Abs? lol why


I think you’ll have better luck asking The CW to make a video game based on Supernatural, and include their character Amara, than you will telling another IP’s artistic group to satisfy your whim of manifesting this character simply because they share a name.

Actually, you know what, let’s also shoot for making Zane a 3’2" dwarf cyborg and Moze into a hand-pushed suburban grass cutting implement because that’s what I think of when I see their names.


zane is super powerful if you build him right, maybe not a ridiculous as moze or fl4k but pretty darn powerful.

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Didn’t know Amara was somewhat indian?, Sure i didn’t say exactly like SPN Amara but yano lighter tone, and no the skin tone doesn’t offend me, i mean she could be blue for all i care was just a suggestion for char creation.

I can’t comment on Zane as I have yet to play him (I’ve had very little time to actually play as it is). That said I have noticed that whether a character in Borderlands is “good” or “bad” depends on the style of who is using them. Also certain characters tend to be more useful and powerful in the
extreme endgame than they are when they are coming up. The ability of Zane to drop massive clouds of grenades OR have two active skills seems like he would be very good for specific things, but isn’t intended to be someone you just “wing it” with. Fl4k seems to be intended for the solo player (like me) and I’d imagine he excels at that, but isn’t as good come the deep endgame, especially with groups.

Otherwise I heard there are no real plans to add new DLC characters, and I admit this disappoints me. To be honest as I could easily see it as being another decade before we get a Borderlands 4, having “4” playable characters seems a bit limited. I also hate to totally say “goodbye” to playing characters from other games. It would be interesting if Gearbox could do DLC making all of the previous characters playable in some form for those who want them… even if they justify it through some form of cloning or whatever to deal with the issue of them “meeting themselves”.

Also for story reasons I’ve felt that Tiny Tina and Mad Moxxi should get some playable DLC at some point, though for story reasons I can see why that might be difficult.

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I’d love to play as Moxxi, she would definetly be a western gunslinger with some charm skills or something

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I main Maya and Amara and… yea, this is a VERY incorrect statement.

That is purely opinion. I love her look. She is practically everything I ever wanted from a playable character. Also, she already has long hair. It’s just in a ponytail. As for your skin comment… no. She is seemingly of Indian decent so I personally think that making her a white chick is… “unnecessary”. Having a dark skinned protagonist is pretty awesome. No need to compare two completely different characters simply because they have the same/similar names. If you feel that Amara needs to subscribe to traditional gender roles… can’t help ya there. You’re only holding yourself back at that point.

I can understand wanting to have a custom character, but that isn’t what Borderlands is about. It’s an RPG. It’s a Role Playing Game. You play the role of a character. You play THEIR story. Not yours. There is no need for a character customization option. Skins, clothing/hair colors, and head styles are plenty.


Hmmm, well I have mixed opinions on what they have been doing with Sirens in Borderlands recently. To be honest it make a bit of sense to begin with as they were ancient and were being tied at least indirectly to mythology. I mean Lilith is pretty much the quintessential “bad girl of the bible” when you get down to it, Maya is a name for the earth mother or “mother goddess”, and while generic the name “Angel” sort of speaks for itself. I sort of assumed “Commandant Steele” was simply not using her actual name, but rather her title or an assumed name.

The two most recent Sirens, Tyreen and Amara make no sense to me in a mythological context, and I spent time looking them both up. The name Tyreen makes no sense as it’s complete jargon at the end of the day, but it does have a loose meaning as someone who makes their own destiny. I suppose in the context of meaning if she stole her Siren powers this does make a degree of sense. Amara is a sort of odd girl out as I actually looked that one up, and while the name exists in both Greek and Nigerian apparently it has no actual mythological ramifications, though the TV show “Supernatural” DID use that name for the sister of god. There are a few places that imply that it might be an alternate name for the greek goddess “Hekate” (or Hecate) but on examination there seems to be no actual academic precedence for this. If you do a search for say “Goddess Amara” the first thing you’ll get is a… well, let’s call her an Adult entertainer that sells videos of herself. I gave up searching when I continually ran into pro-dommes. :sweat_smile:

At any rate, there is noting really wrong with Amara’s character design or her stats or anything (as I have read a good number of people running her) but I do think her name does not fit into the “Borderlands Pattern”. I hate to be that guy but I am wondering if they simply wanted a darker skinned Siren with a more distinctively ethnic name or something as a priority above anything. There is nothing wrong with doing that, BUT I think they could have used a better name for it. I mean if she’s supposed to resemble an ethnic-Indian as people suggest why not a name like say “Kali” or something that fits the overall pattern? The only reason I could see they didn’t do that one (as painfully obvious as it is) is simply that Fl4k worships death… and that could be awkward, though personally I would have had fun writing the dialogue specifically around that.

Now don’t get me wrong if Commandant Steele’s real name was actually “Steele” or something they already broke the pattern early on, but it still seems a little weird to me. Nothing wrong with the character overall, but as I said, it seems like they could have named her better.

“Hey can you change the whole game to how I want it because it’s good but not really good enough.” :roll_eyes:

“The name Amara means Eternal and is of Indian origin.”
“Eternal” is a pretty awesome, imposing, and apt name to be used for a Siren. Especially given how Angel is so blunt and Steele is basically “steel” which is just a tough metal.

…no, in fact, they are usually the strongest class, because they exploit the elements the best

Sirens are consistently the most straightforward elemental damage dealers and best CC potential of their respective rosters. For Amara on top of that, she also has almost absurd melee and tanking potential with the right build, class mods and gear. And maybe make it to TVHM and Mayhem before you talk about half the characters being overpowered and the others being underpowered, half the challenge in Borderlands has always been about making an effective build for your characters either min-maxing or evening out their limitations.

99% of the game you’re in first person so the character customizations mean jack all at the end of the day.

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Customisation is pretty meh without much chances to see yourselves other than in Photomode & DAHL.

Seems not haveing 3rd person mode is a missed oppouninties considering tehy made the animations for them (your teammates in coop) . Refine the animation, have a 3rd person cam, & with some testing, you are good to go.

We will have to strongly disagree here. Almost all names have “good” meanings, the difference here is that most of the other Siren names have a direct, mythological connotation. Lilith and Maya for example are both the names of religious or mythological figures of importance. While Amara is a decent name for a “strong female” it is not a good name for a SIREN, though it is too late to do so.

My argument is that Steele’s real name was likely something else, and Tyreen was never arguably a true Siren as to my understanding she was never born as one.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree, but I stand by the point that Amara doesn’t have the proper connotations for the existing pattern. It is up to the writers of course, and they made their choice, however it is a sign of bad writing given their existing precedent and the initial implications. Of course then again a lot of people have commented all across the media that the writing for this game suffered compared to others, this is a mild example as to why.

As I said, if they wanted an “ethnic Indian” Siren, they should have drawn from that mythology and directly used the name of a divinity, such as Kali. All they did was pick a pretty generic girl’s name.

Also as I pointed out the actual origins of the name are NOT from India, they are from Greece and Nigeria, though they have been adopted elsewhere. It’s a fine character, but as I said, given the pattern, and the likely intent, they should have called her something else, there are several Hindu goddesses they could have used, I simply used Kali given the intention of the character and the multiple mystic arms and so on. That would have been a “right” choice given the Borderlands universe, and the intent of the character, the writers went in a different direction and to me made a “wrong” one.

Actually as someone who has followed the games and was actually checking the wiki before just about everything I posted to double check, and actually looked up the sourcing and meaning behinds certain names. I can call “right and wrong” on an ongoing, developed, universe based on what has been previously established. There is little or no “head canon” involved here. It’s not quite as bad as “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” as the universe isn’t as large yet, but there is a fair point to be made to fans calling writers out for getting things wrong when playing in an established universe, even if they are the ones who established it. Trek right now is close to being an unsalvagable mess for example due to so many writers wanting to do their own thing with it and trying to retcon things based on what amounted to fan fics that somehow got official authorization (who knew Spock had an adopted sister? The original Mary Sue would be proud… the term came from a very specific story in an old Trek fanzine that was in part printed to illustrate what not to do when writing for them, interestingly official Trek writers have gotten to the point where they would fail at writing fan fiction nowadays… but this is a massive tangent).

At any rate we will have to agree to disagree here, you think this is fine, I do not. I think the character is basically fine other than her name.

Also for something I can not prove I will say that I suspect they intended her to be Kali (or maybe Pavarti) given the arms and symbolism to begin with, but it’s possible they backtracked on the idea in the end and went with a “generic strong name” used in the region for fear of outcry as people still practice this religion on a massive scale and can be prone to outrage, and with a game pushing the envelope they might have figured they have more to worry about in the offense department from Hindu-name used in fantasy compared to one like Lilith or Maya.

Couldn’t remember how to spell his name

come on, its Mordy,

Mordecai. My main squeeze. The OG. The man deserves some respect!

I was a roland player, I liked the role he had in bl1…which I guess falls on zane in bl3?

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Amara looks quite good, the only thing that needs to change is the stupid idea her siren markings running down her back and both her arms, change that to the proper siren markings. Ability wise she needs to be better with elemental damage (maybe make Conflux top out at 75%) and have shield regen, I know that her green tree allows her to have upto 85% extra health but I would like shield size/regen in the blue tree as well lol.