Dear gearbox, please add dlc characters, revamp skill trees for siren and zane, and allow customisable skin/gear options

idk man, having both is really strong, even moze who has a skill for increased shields has a downside to have less health

But she doesn’t need the bonus health, I’m constantly regenerating health due to Sustainment, i’m always out of shields though.

maybe then they can switch it so she gets more shields instead of health

How does one become a siren, if some aren’t born that way? i didn’t look/know/progress enough to know that

I miss bloodwing

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Preaching to the choir. I do as well.
Probably an unpopular opinion but I would love to see his character and skill trees revamped into a playable character again.

her voice actress is hot. She’s Pakistani

Oooohhh that would have been so cool.

Along with the whole idea that while part of what Kali is/does is death; but I understand it (and long story - not going into it) as she’s only killing off what you don’t need any more anyway.

just wanna put a random guess out there and say this is just misogyny

hmmm epic racism good sir! Thank you kindly

we’re really starting off strong here

healthgate still exists in this game so extra health is still a bad idea. She has shield regen that’s quite broken testing/playing around with nova shields, just from my experiences. Her sustainment and mindfulness combined do a lot of work

Meh, perhaps you reading too much into the Siren names requiring some mythological precedence.

Borderlands writing doesn’t suffer because they didn’t use a religious or mythological name for Amara. In fact, I think it’s further proof of Gearboxes ability to not fall into the traditional box of boring and generic genre molds.

Maybe instead of trying to draw from other mythologies they are creating their own? One that is unique and colorful.

Buff Zane for the love of god, the drone is SUPER WEAK, the Shield is useless a bunch of times and the Clone is not even that good.

Make the Drone and Clone deal a lot of damage and make the Shield regenerate AMMO.

If you just keep playing the game, you’ll probably eventually find the “Mane Event” head mod that I think will be more your tastes for her hair.

Skin tone and abs…I think you’re gonna be out of luck on those. In today’s sociopolitical climate, game devs are very hesitant to include white women with traditional supermodel bodies.

Is that why Gearbox made horse head mods and skins that make human characters look like cyborgs?

Well they have, none of the Sirens have been implied to actually be the mythological or religious figures claimed. That said they started out with a clear pattern, and my point is that they seemed to violate their own canon. I mean sure it’s possible that someone like Amara is simply choosing not to use her given name, but I’d think that would be something that should be made clear when it comes to a playable character.

That said we will likely have to agree to disagree. As I just got accused of racism (love today’s discourse) I’m about to back out of any discussion here, though I did flag the message. It’s one of the reasons I’m less than enthusiastic about continued discussion of the topic. I’m not even going to bother to explain or justify my comment as that allows people who drop bombs like that to “win” and defuse conversations. I think to most it’s pretty obvious what I was saying.

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Actually I got the impression Tyreen was lying, as did many others. Ditto for Steele’s name. I just checked sources for a THIRD time and let’s just say throwing out terms like “head canon” doesn’t do much to validate your point when I already said we would likely have to agree to disagree here.

That said, yes, I am one of “those guys” who believes that in an ongoing universe the writers should remain consistent, and over time integrity of an ongoing universe with a huge following takes precedence over the creative desires of even the original writers. Both “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” are good examples of what happens when care is not taken with an ongoing universe’s lore and mythology. Something that could last forever winds up being destroyed due to writers, an initial team, or a new one, deciding they want to change or re-define things. While this issue with Borderlands is a small one, it’s the kind of thing that snowballs into something going from a property with millions of rabid fans, to a fringe community of apologists.

As far as Maya goes having a mythological name does not mean following the ethnicity perfectly in these terms, as I doubt the Sirens were literally supposed to be the beings the have the names of, though they might in some cases have a connection (that part has never been explained). For example Lilith isn’t from the Middle East (it’s doubtful the biblical Lilith would have looked caucasian either if anyone cares). The issue is entirely in the name. Unless “Amara” is an assumed identity or nickname/handle sort of like “Scooter” or “Firehawk” it seems unlikely given the initial patterns established that this would be her actual name.

As far as comments about Commandant Steele goes, again, this was discussed heavily even before there was a Borderlands 2, and I believe there were some comments from the writers about that not being her actual name. That said I cannot prove this at the moment (and I have been digging) which is why I am leaving it at “agree to disagree”.

Have you played the other borderlands games? Sirens are always sought after in nearly every game they have been in. They are extremely powerful.

What is wrong with Amara? I am going damage elemental Amara at the moment, and I am in M3, and having a blast with her. Don’t really see much of an issue. She has some absolutely insane survivability, arguably one of the tankiest in the game. 25% health per second at nearly 100% uptime? Pretty insane really.

She can go full melee and shred. I think she is one of the few who all 3 trees can be good in all their respective rights at this moment.

If anything, Zane might need some tweaking, and Moze’s Orange tree might need some tweaking, as her bear machine doesn’t scale up nearly as well as others do, even when trying to focus on just it, and FL4K’s pet build might need some tweaking.

But after that I think that we can have some really diverse playstyles after that.

You forget Steele. And the girl in the BL1 comic book (which is apparently considered canon)


no i def included steele. I wasn’t aware of the girl - any details on her? yeah the comics are canon tho bc they were meant to provide story in between the games being “finished”

nice to see you again buddy :slight_smile:

Or, just maybe, he or she (not going to presume) is a fan of the show Supernatural, that has a pretty bad ass character named Amara. Like she (or he, still not presuming) said.

How about you dial it back about 50% there.

Or, how about we educate. For example, everyone tends to think of Amara based off of the Indian race when it is more likely that she is Pakistani.

Yes, you know that country that used to be part of India until the split in the early 1900’s.

Amara is a Muslim name comes from Urdu (the religion and language of Pakistan). The voice actress is also Muslim and speaks Urdu.

Snark without education is just being a spiteful little Richard.