Dear gearbox, please add dlc characters, revamp skill trees for siren and zane, and allow customisable skin/gear options

Let’s try to drop the passive aggressive tones…

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Amara is Arabic female name the name is also written with ending letter H. The name is shortened version of the Ancient Greek name Amarantham meaning ‘eternally beautiful’ or ‘one who will be forever beautiful’.

Sorry mate, looks like Gearbox not only managed to pull an Urdu name but they tied it to the Greeks also, locking in the siren lore as well. Lol

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You’ve come in very heated and I was recommending you dial it back while making a point.

Instead of attacking how about we ask for clarification. The poster you rashed over the name was just letting his opinion be known about it not tying in, and how if they were making her Indian why didn’t they use an Indian name.

That argument was flawed and could easily have been corrected by saying what I did.

I’m sorry this upsets you, but if you keep lashing out unprovoked than your just as bad as the people you lash out at.

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Maybe they just saw the name somewhere and thought it sounded cool? Maybe there is a secret real life cult of the sirens that Gearbox writers are basing their character names off of?

Maybe y’all are reading far too much into a fictional video game characters name?

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Or maybe the writers did the work and research. And just maybe we can appreciate that just a little.

I know, it doesn’t fit in to the narrative that they were just jerking off and forrest gumped their way into a winning narrative but hey, it is a maybe.

Sure, anything is possible. But why would the writers be researching obscure occult and mythological meanderings when their game is purely a fiction of its own? What need is there to inject historically accurate or mythological facts?

I’m mean, I’m sure as with all great art, the artist draws upon inspiration from various places but this thread sounds like it is trying to force a theory that all the siren names and characters are somehow universally linked via linguistics, religion and mythology.

The reality is that it’ss far more likely that the individual siren characters are just built based on their own internal conversations and storyboarding. While they may snag a name or other tidbit that lines up with a cultural profile here or there(Lilith/Amara) it’s highly unlikely that they setnout with the intention of making their characters historically aligned with anything at all and far more likely that it’s just mere coincidence.

Several facts:

#1: I have not complained about an West Asian Woman being present in the game. Anyone who thinks that is entirely wrong. Everything I have said has been entirely based around naming conventions and a pattern. Indeed my entire point was that if they wanted to have a more diverse roster that is fine, but I was saying that they likely should have used a mythological name (like Kali) from the region.

Now to be fair India and Pakistan hate each other, and if Amara is supposed to be Pakistani it becomes a more complicated issue as the Muslim faith has fewer specific “empowered women” good or evil to represent this. I still maintain however that even if the actress is Pakistani it seems likely Kali was the intended inspiration given the depictions of that goddess and the way the arms manifest when Amara uses her powers.

#2: Amara is a name used in Pakistan and India but it is NOT from that region, it’s origins are Greek and Nigerian. I know because I looked it up before I posted anything in a search to see if there were any actual “goddess” or “demon” type characters, or really any women of mythological or religious signifigance under that name, I was unable to find any. If you do a search for it this information should be easy to verify as well as the meaning of the name.

That said as I warned if you search for things like “Goddess Amara” you are likely to find a lot of adult entertainers (of the Dominatrix variety). One was the top search result when I used those words together, and I ran into a few others (though it might have been the same person in different places, I didn’t research it that heavily).

#3: Simply due to the stink I did some digging on the whole “Siren Naming” issue, even beyond the initial search I did, and since I was trying to avoid exactly this kind of confrontation I will put it to you this way. We are likely to get no answer, however I am not exactly wrong. Out there in the wild world of the interwebs the bottom line seems to be said that people who think along the lines I do are largely remembering things said by a guy named “Anothy Burch” who was the writer for Borderlands 2. He left the company in 2015 which makes this controversial. I am not sure what happened there, but in doing a couple of checks it seems like a lot of what he said about Borderlands can’t be easily vefified. That said the point here is that while I could be wrong, unless Anothy wants to pop in and set the story straight (as a former lead writer) we will have to agree to disagree. For obvious reasons I didn’t want to start dropping names, but apparently this is one that comes up.

At any rate, this is a key element of why being consistent in an ongoing universe has to be a #1 priority for teams, even when they change writers. Companies that control ongoing IPs (Star Wars, Star Trek, Borderlands, comics) need to take the attitude that new writers are just borrowing the IP for a while and have all the answers written down somewhere (even if they are supposed to be a secret). Otherwise you create a mess, new writers need to be prevented from “doing their own thing” or “putting a new spin on it” or “updating it to current attitudes” if they want to do any of those things it’s time for them to write a new IP and see if it sells. Or such is my attitude.

#4: I am not “upset” about anything, though I put more time into this than most things of the sort, as it got my attention. Rather it’s those who have been attacking me (well mostly one person who I flagged) who have been “upset”.

In closing I will say this. False accusations of racism (and I neither said or implied anything remotely racist) are just as bad, if not worse, than actual racism. Going after people who drop “isms” in posts under false pretexts should be a top priority for moderators along with other kinds of similar behavior. It’s my opinion the person who accused me of racism should at least be suspended, and probably “flagged” as a trouble maker for a while to see if there is a pattern of behavior of making these kinds of personal attacks when they said something.

Understand also, I could be wrong about the Siren naming thing, I do not think I am however, though I suspect under these circumstances we will never know. I think Borderlands probably had too many people contributing to it to really answer whether this intent was there or not. THAT SAID I have a right to be wrong on the internet without being attacked, and I certainly have a right to be protected against being called a racist over something like this. Please note even in the response above it was explained very specifically “you were called a racist for being against there being a West Indian woman in the game” I never said anything of the sort, I simply questioned the characters name, and said multiple times she was a fine character. Indeed I plan to play her after Fl4k… I just think they should have given her a mythological or religious name. There is nothing remotely racist about this, and this is why the mod-hammer should have fallen on that guy in my opinion, whether they like what I was saying or not. I guess it might be too late now, but if we want to keep these forums civil allowing people to casually drop “ists” and “isms” to personally attack anyone saying something they don’t like (even if the person is clearly wrong) has to be stopped. Given how common it is nowadays it should probably be close to the top of things a mod steps in on… however they chose not to do so, and it’s not my place to say more about it as I’m not trying to “mod the mods” and am simply commenting since I talked about it happening.

I doubt anyone read all this, I already get the impression people did not read a lot of what I actually posted, but for anyone who actually cares this should set the record straight.

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My last post was long, but I am going to point out I also flagged this post for attention. The reason is your outright lying about me here (which takes some audacity given that my messages are still up). I never, ever, said “I am mad because of a west asian woman being portrayed in a video game”. I never said anything of the sort, I never even said Amara was a bad character.

As such I have been accused of racism, and now a lie is being put out to try and support that accusation, and this is why such behavior needs to be moderated in forums like this.

I just re-read everything I wrote, and you’d REALLY have to stretch to remotely justify what is being said here, so as far as I’m concerned that’s a personal attack, probably motivated because you don’t like what I’m saying about game-lore, and as such I think action should be taken.

All told I am going to drop this now, regardless of what else is said or done, as I have better things to discuss and I’ve said everything that needs to be said at this point. I do hope if Gearbox wants to run good forums though that they keep things reasonable, and civil, by taking action against posts like this.

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Going to be opening this back up in a while, once we get everyone’s inability to keep ad hominem off this forum in check.

People should expect some PMs.

A bunch of people should expect PMs.

Any and all personal attacks on any user are immediate violations. This is a discussion board about ideas, not some kind of character assessment survey. Several mods asked for civility, and none arrived, so after responding to a multitude of flags, here we are.

Again, Gearbox cares about your opinion on their games and your ideas on them. Stick to that. Disagree on that. You want to insult one another? You’ve got the rest of the internet to do it.