Dear Gearbox, please improve/buff/fix/add these

as i don’t often play meta build (is what i call carbon copy builds), i tend to run into problems i don’t often see others experience. and i have heard you want to support diverse build capabilities in this borderlands. so here are a few problems and suggestions i have that would make my builds better, or fix things i have trouble with.

Graveward / Tyreen the destroyer.
1). the hit box for phase grasp is very hard to find. it needs a bigger one or needs to trigger easier. as i use nimbus the cloud is a big part of my damage. i also use terror skulls and terror generation and i cant get it started till i get lucky and find the hit box.

1). on bosses when you use your phasegrasp to deal damage instead of grasping, it should still trigger the terror skulls. this is a big part of my ranged damage for my build.
2).nimbus should always trigger when using phase grasp on things that cannot be grasped. sometimes on bosses nimbus doesn’t trigger to leave a cloud of elemental damage.
3). if its true you plan to make skill trees instead of new characters please add a phase pull ability, maybe make it part of an ice tree- to pull an enemy to you, or if too big pull you to it. maybe freeze it after the pull idk. but i would like to pull a person to my aura range. for melee characters would pull them in for a punch.
4). on this theoretical phase pull tree, please make an augment that uses all 6 of her arms to pull up to 6 to you.

1).give her a bear tank. replace legs with hover. this would allow for more movement and cool factor of having your own vehicle kinda; on command. auto bear augment could still be used as it will still sit there firing on its own. that point in turret would allow another person to still ride with you. and you can make its ramming damage equal to moze’s melee damage so its no OP like vehicles.
2).please set the iron bear controls to vehicle controls. i want to custom my controls to moze but this messes up the iron bears, and makes it tough to use. but if it was custom modified the same as vehicles controls then i could leave iron bears preset to perfect and have the freedom to change the characters.
3). please make get out of bear a button push not a button hold. and please make that button the same button as getting into it.

1).allow WTF to be found in all elements.
2).increase drop rate of red suit. this will allow folk to experiment with builds like firehawk krieg from borderlands 2.
3).divide the world drops to different planets, possibly set more items specific to different bosses. im so tired of gw being the answer to where to farm everything. and i don’t like a huge list of possiblilities when farming specific things. my build is bad at killing gw, but decent or better for all the others that drop hardly anything when compared to gw. after all diverse builds have diverse killing capabilities. and i don’t want to respect just to kill the one and only best gw.
4).vladof needs to make smg’s.
5). as a start how about a vladof smg legend that has an under barrel chainsaw attachment (like in gears of war). this attachment can do major melee damage.

Earl’s shop.
1). allow earl to put the iridium he’s collected to use. give him an item to add/modify anointed abilities. make it a 6 hour craft timer, then have him mail it to you.
a; add a random anointment 1000 iridium cost.
b; 5000 iridium to re-roll the anointment to a random universal or character specific one. based on the character used to purchase this service.
c; 10,000 iridium cost to re-roll the anointment to a random one from choice of universal or class specific of the character paying for it.
{fact is; eventually some computer guy is going to learn some way to just make what ever they want like the pc users are doing now. and with this it gives an in-game way of legit creation for items. and increases the ability to get what you need so you can attempt a diverse build; since most traders all collect the same versions of the same items that only work for the carbon copy builds}.

1). create a team feature so you and your friends can stay together, even when going back to the title screen to reload a boss/ cycle mayhem mods.
2). allow team to stay together even when leaving a group.
3). allow us to leave a group without kicking them as well. make a party leader change option.
4). make it easier to play with each other, an in game way to join a room without using ps4 friends list. i have to delete 20-ish people a week that i had to friend only so i could trade an item.
5). wouldn’t it be awesome if we had our own vending machine to place items for sale into so when its easier to visit folk without the whole ps4 friends list thing, those folk could buy your stuff for iridium from your machine; that you could then use in earls shop to re-roll your gear.
6). please don’t let other players level lock your quests. i save mine on purpose and low level folk will jump in and take a quest level locking it lower than you want. i would like to only have quests i take and not gain spill over from someone joining my game.
7). i want to only hear my characters responses when talking to npc’s. i love the characters and i want to hear their unique responses. when a zane jumps in my game and finishes a quest i don’t want to hear their responses if i am playing amara, i will hear his when i play him.

be aware i don’t play test these guys, nor do i know nearly anything about them. just general thoughts will follow.
1). give fl4k a skrakk- that gargoyle thing you helped dr. zed make in borderlands 2.

Slaughter circles and proving grounds.
1). cistern of slaughter-(i am aware of the great many improvements already done to it. as its my favorite and basically the only one i run). it needs chubbies and more skaggs. i know your proud of monkeys those spore things and dino’s but skagg lives matter too. it needs even more enemies, as its more fun than profitable(legends don’t really drop in there). the flyers seem to be more aggro now and don’t just only evade-thanks for that. but it could use skrakks, or reintroduce psycho as a boss. and again needs chubbies so there is a better chance at legends.
2). slaughter star 3000; needs more ammo drops from the soldiers during boss round, without terror ammo regen or infinities most folk have 0 ammo by the time the boss wave starts. also increase the legend drops.
{i believe these other slaughters need to be more appealing, slaughter shaft is awful -that means not fun. but atm its the only one that really drops legends so its either have variety and fun, or get paid}.
3). proving grounds would be better if there was a reward for doing it. atm you get nothing especially compared to slaughter shaft.

Loyalty package.
1). please increase or add chance of legend drops from loyalty packages. it would add another way to try for the specific items you want by focusing your use to a specific company. and reward those that try to build around a companies gear. (like my siren using basically only vladof gear, i should be better rewarded for my loyalty).
a; every 10th loyalty package drops a legend.
b; every 5th could be a guaranteed epic rank.

Radio stations.
yes i am aware your broadcasts are not as advanced as say gto. but i would like to hear what station i change them to without afk-ing at the station. add a car channel or a feature to my echo-3. i like some of the music stations, and would love to listen to cl4p-tp’s stories while adventuring.

1).please buff the non-generic anointments to make them more appealing. {as a merchant type person and someone that plays diverse builds, its hard to get an item that doesn’t have a generic anointment}. as folk don’t seem to often collect anything for their trade collection unless it has 100/300/250/125 on it. these anointments are only useful for builds that don’t play combo’s or diverse builds.

1). i don’t want them coming into my room yelling at me, or blocking my door so i cant get in or out.
2). i want them to say their thing and then just walk away, i hate it when I’m shopping or reorganizing then i turn around to 5 of them standing there yelling at me.

1).when you increase our banks; please be a personal stash. a 50 tradeable bank is way more than we could of ever dreamed for in borderlands. (was 4 ish all the other ones 50 is an amazing improvement). however most characters have things that are not really tradeable but unique to them, so we really need a VERY large personal stash for each of them, not just a bigger trade bank.
2). please add a class mod spot to the wall, so i can put up a version for my whole build. also please make it so we can equip/ change items with the wall. add an interact button to swap gear with the wall.
3). to our HOPEFULLY personal stash, can it have a tab for each type of item. maybe like 20 slots in each tab wouldn’t be that many but easier to collect and find specific items.

For now that is all i have. cant think of the other things atm. i know many folk will have a different opinion, but this isn’t really for them. my hope is some-one that matters to the game reads this and takes some of it in, and finds a way to add/fix/buff/improve on my ideas.

thanks for listening, Gorghandi.


Your multiplayer ideas are absolutely perfect. It’s a pain having a co-op day and having to reinvite!