Dear gearbox please kill mordecai in bl3 thanks

I’d be all for it. I like the idea of tying up loose ends.

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Yeah I was going to ask Kitty have you tried his gunslinger build in borderlands 1 I’m working my way through a second playthrough with him. I don’t know which I’m enjoying more him laughing when I kill a BA or just the build itself. The double Thanatos legendary repeater and almost game breaking amount of bullets he can fire is so satisfying. I really do hope a actual remastering of 1 does happen it’s too fun a game to not let other people experience on updated console.

Yea i remember in one of the interviews with randy pitchford. About the time timothy was coming out as a playable character for the pre sequel. He says something about maybe it wasn’t jack but timothy at the end of bl2, or something along those lines. Ill try looking for a link but theres so many videos to look over.

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Ok sorry he doesnt say anything about bl2. But this is the video im pretty sure i was thinking about. He says he likes to think the character we play as in the pre sequel is the real jack. So the one on the main story of the pre sequel might be the fake. Which is the one we kill in bl2. He says other things as well, heres the link

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That would be such a Jack thing to do, have a body double pose as him while he himself poses as a body double, because you know body doubles.

Although when you play as Jack (Timmy) Moxxi immediately recognises that he is not the real Jack and doesn’t ask a lot of questions about how, why, or who he really is. Is he really that good at posing as someone who’s posing as him? Anyway, an above link confirms that the real Handsome Jack is dead, what a shame, all the speculating we could do had we not known that :frowning: DAMN YOU BURCH! (Also, please PLEASE return to write BL3, I’m sure they’d pay you well (I know it wont happen but I can hope and wish and dream))

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Well in the link i provided pitchford does say he wants to leave up to us to decide. So i like to keep an open mind. I think it could be possible the real handsome jack is hiding somewhere, and is not dead. Burch does say handsome jack is dead. But timothy was technically playing the role of hamdsome jack, right? He should of wrote the real handsome jack is dead. Cause the fact he has clones throws up alot of possibilities…

The little tin can definitely has his moments.


I can’t think of another time that I didn’t wish for the ability to kill friendly NPCs when Claptrap is speaking.

I’d have to disagree, I like many others are glad he’s gone.

HJ or Burch or both?

Just Burch.

Don’t know about Mordecai, but I’m hoping gallows from most of the npc’s introduced in TPS. Especially Pickles. It would be a nice easter egg seeing him hanging at the front gate xD

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Nina is only TPS introduced character I really WANT in future Borderlands. Too bad there wasn’t much about why certain corporations are trying to get her.

tbh I just want her to yell NINA HELP at me.

I don’t mind her being Zed’s assistant. About the corporations: Tell us xD

Necromancy time!

First, GBX will have to make BL3 good enough to invoke True Mordecai!

And True Mordecai would rather die standing than live on his knees!
(Holy cows, recent killing was creepy! Oops, QOTS spoilers ; )

actually, according to fact that True Mordecai stabily dies at ~every second appearance, he probably won’t die in BL3… death of the President from DNF can be counted, stupid soulless simulation “mordy guy” from BL2(and its addons TPS and TfBL) cannot be counted… so, the chance to not be killed off in next GBX’s title is saved.
still, as always, it’s only 50% (if he won’t stack karma crits by touching other characters’ wives) chance because i’m hoping that Borderlands film(introduction of BL setting for very mass audience, where the Primary Protagonist will have to appear at least in small cameo) won’t be crap. To not spend money in vain, cast for the Hunter class Primary Protagonist can be used as quality indicator, because True Mordecai never appears in crap :Ъ


Oh, wait. Everything is much simpler! Mordecai NEVER DIES! And BL3 don’t have to be sucks because all the worst and most boring possible scenarios for this setting already happened in BL2!
And Mordecai should be playable again in BL3 (with super badass personal campaign before co-op, of course) and, besides commands to his animal friends, he must have a special button for Feign Death!
I always had so much fun with this tactic in Unreals! : D
Ability to Feign Death would be also a good tribute to his actor’s favorite action!

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never, he was/is a great character

I believe it’s Hyperion trying to get her, because she was the nursing assistant during Timothy’s surgical transition into Jack. (This much is clear from the echo logs in Jack’s office in Helios).

If other corporations suspected the existence of Timothy (as opposed to the digital body double in Opportunity and the digi-Jacks in Vault of the Warrior), then they might think they could leverage that.

My money’s on Hyperion simply wanting to clear up loose ends though - wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out the doctor involved is already dead.

I would like to know what happened to Timothy after TPS though. Athena, Wilhelm and Nisha we know about. Aurelia? There could be more story there. And we all know and love Clappy… (in his head, anyway)

Also, happy thread necro (again!)


There was also a bit in the son of craw dlc about her being part of Krieg’s origins, wasn’t there?

I don’t know about Nurse Nina, but one of the dead assassins is “Clements” and he wanted Kreig for some reason. The echo message for Kreig is signed “Sammy” which would likely be Dr. Samuels. Hey - Samuel Clements! Actually, I think that’s probably just coincidence.

Here’s the Jack/Timothy echo logs:

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By the way, has anyone thought why Mordecai actually NEVER DIES?
It’s not just a witty remark.
How would you explain that Mordecai can damage straight through armor using not kinetic-electromagnetic-something-poking-with-microwaves, but ordinary bullets with any rifle?

He uses his Ch’i energy (in BL1 displayed as voice).
Because Mordecai is… is like IMMORTAL Iron Fist! … only with dark-brown color instead of yellow, Jimenez instead of K’un-Lun and gunslinger mastery instead of Kung Fu. A bit different sort of magic, but the same miracles.
everyone can shoot Mordecai (like everyone can punch Danny)
but IMMORTAL Guardian Mordecai is the only one who can WIN.
No wonder that defilevelopers sedated him so sorely in order to make possible to spawn so much evil in BL2.
Without True Mordecai, Borderlands has no chance.

Just to make sure this uglified weakling died in horrible bloody agony?
I suddenly did something about it…

T and his tiny Digi-unicorn [BL3 concept]