Dear Gearbox, regarding the level cap increase

Hey Gearbox and community,

I haven’t been playing much since about a week or two after the first dlc dropped and I got everything I wanted and tested everything I wanted for my builds and up to date forum posts.

I am coming back tomorrow for the valentines event and to the forums today, again, to complain. ^^

I really love almost everything you said in your love letter and it was much appreciated.
thanks for this, and even more so, THANK YOU for this awesome game!
especailly thankful for the guardian rank toggle making it finally into the game. <3

But with that beeing said, I think a big mistake is made here again, and that the level increase by 3 levels at this time.
and I tell you why, I haven’t read or listen to anyone else yet what they have to say about it, but here are my thoughts about it…
this will absolutly NOT incentivise me to come back to the game for the nearest future, past taking part in the valentines event. instead it will more so scare me away for now! because of three reasons:

  • poorly timed
    A level cap increase should be something special! something you look forward too, something that comes with a huge new content update to experience something new in the game and also feel like progressing again.
    by just simply dropping a random update with a level increase feels insignificant and just wants me to to play repetitive content to get all my gear I farmed for 800 hours to farm it again…

  • insignificance
    so what do we get for the hassel of farming everything again? 3 tiny skill points that will not change ANY build what so ever… lets be real here, in 90% of all cases this will just let me put 5/5 instead of 2/5 in the last to final skill of a tree, or give me another 3/3 I could not take prior… will this gives any significant change to any build? definitly not… so is this all worth farming hundreds of hours again for the best in slot gear?.. no, not right now and not with this small of a benefit.

  • going for the safe plan again instead of beeing borderlands.
    I can absolutly NOT understand why this wasn’t made 54… having the possibility to access a new cap stone would have been a HUGE change and and gives SO MUCH reason to come back again and toy around with SO many new builds, would have brought a lot of fun and would have VASTLY increased my interessed into coming back right now even with nothing else to do. this would have given me 100-200 hours of more play time to test every nook and cranny of all the new possibilitys.
    instead you give us a lot of work to achieve almost nothing in terms of diversity or game play changes. and YES this one single skillpoint matters! it changes everything and it almost feels like a tease on purpose. and I can not understand what you could have possibily been scared of.

again I love this game, and I love the community, we all want this game to be the best it can be and lately you have made some GREAT changes finally that made the game what it was suppose to be for the most parts.
but this new thing could become very scary, if you decide to just randomly increase the level cap every half year, this will NOT have the effect of players beeing happy to join back and farm their perfect gear again for hundreds of hours… no, they will think… well all my stuff is invalid now, no point in playing when I can just play again in half a year when the level cap maybe means something for me…

these are my thoughts so far… just increase it to 54 or wait on it, or both.


Edit: wow I just looked into the forum… its a sh*t show xD

well I dont meant to be harmful, I tried to put it in a respectful shell and I hope it reaches you in the way it is suppose to, as feedback, that these changes might not be as desirable as you think it will.

and dont take this wrong again as “we dont like level increases”, we do, but we want MEANINGFUL level cap increases. not half hearted once.


A very fair and well written piece of feedback. Kudos to you.


You are wrong there, 3 points change your setup quite a bit. Claiming that this has no or insignificant impact is just false. The game is initially geared towards 48 skill points, so adding another 3 does change the meta as it is.

It’s kinda odd that I remained active in this community through the entire Borderlands 2 life cycle but now that BL3 is finally here I have decided in taking a break all together until after all the content is out.

Not a fan of this type of game direction.

See you my friends in a year or so.


can you give me an example then? something that will give a new style of play and is not just a number increase?

ofcourse getting 3 more points will be nice for some build to round them out, more skillpoints are always good, but these will just slightly enhance some already existing builds, they wont offer much in terms of new ideas as previous level increases meant in other borderlands games.

level caps so far always where tailored exactly right so that you can exactly get that new shiny thing in the skill tree, this change offers nothing new and does not let you reach ANY new thing in your build

Can you give examples? I cant think of any.

I’ll save it here for posterity. :wink:

I can confidently say I shall not be picking up this game again until the level cap is 54 or higher.

I see you posted the same thing here:

Let’s keep all the discussion in the same place as much as possible - closing this thread, but please continue there.

Ta muchly!