Dear gearbox software From jacob

Dear hard working staff of gearbox software I am new to the community but I have always loved the borderlands series I when I first bought borderlands 2 for my ps4 I played it non stop I loved the gameplay the story the character’s and most importantly the guns I loved the series so much that when pre sequel came out I bought it immediately and it felt like home to me the only problem was I had completed everything I finished borderlands 2 pre sequel I had even completed tales from the borderlands so many time and I would do it all again if it ment seeing rhyes and the gang again I’ve loved your game so much that I’ve always wanted to buy one of the collector’s edition when pre sequels collector edition was announced I saved up my money here in Australia to buy it but they all sold out because s was to late to get it so I waited for the next borderlands game no matter what it was I would get the collectors edition so when borderlands 3 was announced I F L I P E D the money that I had saved up was gone so I was working hard to get some money to get the diamond loot box but just yesterday I was looking it up here in Australia to see how much it costed and as I was looking an article came up that said that there were no more editions left so I created a shift account so I could ask if it is true and if so is there any chance that more would be made. again thank you so much for working so hard to make a game so many people enjoy regards Jacob p.s tell Randy pitchford I said hi and thank you all for making a wonderful game.

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I’d suggest catching up on/following the master thread for the collector’s edition - Collectors Edition Availability Questions Master Thread