Dear Gearbox Software

It’s been 1286 days. Please give Borderlands 3.

It’s in development.

In all honesty I’ve just begun to scratch the surface with bl2 and I’ve been playing off and on since 3 months after release only stopped to play skyrim , just recently got the headhunters and uvhm2. I don’t care if they take another 3 years I still have Axton,zero,gaige,and sal to get to at least uvhm before I’m done with the game. Even then I’ll be perfecting builds and trying to get perfect parts on Guns I’m ocd like that. I just want the most perfect bl3 they can make the rushing for bl3 only brings about the pre-sequels and destroys the experience for a lot of people I understand you want the next thing but don’t you want it to be the best it can be?

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It’s all hands on deck for Battleborn at the moment. I think it will be a good 12 months till we get a peep of whats in store for Borderlands 3.

GBX has a lot of work ahead of them.
Battleborn DLCS & support, BiA, Duke Nukem and also Borderlands 3.
Earliest date for BL3 that I can imagine is 2017/2018.

BL3 should be priority, at least after Battleborn being released. They can’t put their biggest title on wait, not for this long.

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Ya but do you want another pre sequel? I want so badly for a borderlands 3 but I hope somebody at gearbox looks at these type of comments, please gearbox take your time make it the best it can be i don’t want another copy and paste of borderlands 2. Look at elder scrolls so many people have been clamoring for another game so they made ESO. I have a friend at work that says that it isn’t elder scrolls. Skyrim was amazing, just stick to innovation and make sure you’re making the best game possible is what I’m saying to gearbox and you gambler trust me if we stop pressing them, in 2 years or 3 they will come out with some borderlands game that exceeds our expectations. Just stop rushing them.


As much as I would like to see BL 3, I’d rather it not go the TPS route where another studio does the majority of the work. Hopefully with Battleborn going gold, GBX can start turning their eyes towards BL 3.


Amen to that. In house development or bust.


Always been a bit of an ES fan myself, and my friend convinced me after not having played an MMO for over a decade, to get on it for a few laughs.

Grindiest grindy experience to ever grind.

I love the presequel. But, sure, I want BL3 to be as big as BL2 in terms of content, or more. Including DLC.

And in-house development has a bunch of advantages. Like did we end up having less content because 2kAus folded? If gearbox had been developing it instead, then we probably wouldn’t have had that problem. However, without 2kAus we might not have had the borderlands pre-sequel at all. Because gearbox spent a lot of time working on Battleborn.

So I certainly am glad we did get the pre-sequel, even if it didn’t meet all expectations. And they did get a lot right. I bet gearbox learned from PreSequel. Which will make BL3 all the better. PreSequel certainly learned from BL2. Even if some of those lessons learned went too far or listened to some feedback they shouldn’t have. But take the classes in PreSequel. They all have great ways to deal damage and heal. And we didn’t even really need moxxi weapons in TPS. Plus UVHM enemy difficulty is perfect. But then you look at how we have very few raid bosses in TPS (claptrap DLC helped immensely, even if nothing is called “the invincible” in the dlc they certainly added some very challenging situations and enemies/bosses). And then there’s the story campaign and side missions. We need more there.

When it comes down to it, I really want a blend of BL2 and TPS.


Pre-sequel just used the majority (or all) of BL2 assets. That’a why people got tired of it so fast. I didn’t even bother to mention BLTPS because it’s just a big BL2 DLC outsourced and sold as a standalone game.

BL1 was released in 2009, BL2 in 2012, and they were very different games. A gap of 3 years. And it’s been now 4 years without a new Borderlands game. As I said it’s the biggest GBX title and it can’t be put on wait for so long.

Yes. They never should have out sourced it to 2kaus, if gearbox did it it probably would’ve been better

The skills and classes in the pre sequel were amazing! I couldn’t get over the skill trees (even though I thought Aurelia was a little underwhelming) they provided more synergy and complementation(don’t even know if that’s a word but everybody gets what I’m saying) they need to take that skill tree development and put it into bl3

I do get what you’re saying about the gap, they did just get done working on a new IP so hopefully we get bl3 I’m right there with you we do need it but I’m where I am with ES. I don’t want it rushed,But…gearbox please hurry lol

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Well, it still beats yearly releases like Activision and Ubisoft are doing.

Besides, BL3 is being worked on, but my guess would be that the first trailer is still a year away.
And dont forget, TPS is now only roughly a year abd a half old.


I just don’t agree. The classes made a huge difference for one thing (and were new). The maps were completely new. Even the 2 maps that revisited pandora via claptrap’s memory were 95% altered/new. There were brand new enemies and some revisited (if you don’t revisit some old enemies then it won’t make much sense) completely new experiences, low gravity and AI that can deal with that. Honestly I’m flabbergasted when people trash talk TPS. Yes it didn’t have as much content/longevity as Borderlands 2. The season pass ended up feeling like bait/switch to many people. But it’s a fantastic game and I have spent hundreds of hours playing it.

So, TPS counts as another borderlands. Even if you don’t like it as much. I like it more than BL1 and BL2 in many respects. Not all though. Each Borderlands has something so far that I wish the others had.

Plus Gearbox directly made DLC for TPS and BL2. So its as if they stopped working on major BL2 content when they made the Tiny Tina DLC and later, the headhunter packs. And Gearbox’s claptrap DLC for TPS is when Gearbox finished major content for TPS. So, for at least part of Gearbox, and the players, BL2 is kind of a “2014” product (when did the last head hunter release?). And TPS a “2015” product.

Personally I’ll be fine with it releasing as late as 2018. But I’ll certainly be itchin’/hoping for it as soon as 2017.

2017 would kind of make sense anyhow. That would mean that each would have seen a 3 year gap between release (even if gearbox wasn’t as involved in TPS).


Yup. Yearly releases of Borderlands games would ruin the series. For one thing, the amount of content and replay value in each is meant for 2+ years of enjoyment. For another they would likely be shoveled out with no love, and probably only a few patches. Plus splitting up of the multiplayer audience. It would only work if it were some sort of massive yearly DLC. That I could enjoy. Say for example that were were still only running Borderlands 1 but we had some sort of massively huge DLC release every year. That model theoretically could have worked. Except for a couple issues like 360 and ps3 versions would have to have been left in the dust at some point. I guess it would be similar to world of warcraft. The only game I can think of with such a long run and tons of DLC. I thought Destiny was going to follow a similar model to WOW. But it seems more likely we’ll get a literal Destiny 2 next year.

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Does Gearbox Software take ideas for possible Battleborn Characters by any chance?

I thought 2k Aus did TPS and not GBX.

Yes, but this isn’t the thread for it. Go check in the Battleborn section instead.

2k Aus did make TPS.

However, Gearbox worked on it too. Including the hyperion space station I’m pretty sure. AND they made the claptrap DLC.

edit: and probably a lot more. I don’t know all the details. But there certainly was coordination to make sure it was going at least somewhat how they intended. I don’t know who made the 6 character classes.

After seeing so many Borderlands fans look over Battleborn, I was inspired to make my latest video…