Dear Gearbox, thanks

thank you. ill admit I am quick to judge if things don’t go the way I intend, and I was skeptical of the included level increase, now I feel I need to apologize. you have crafted a fine dlc this time around, and I feel you heard our plea for a test dummy too. I felt an odd sense of joy standing in overlook and firestone, digitized or not.and your cooperation with telltale and shift is a model idea as well. thanks for being a great company, at least I think youre a good company, but what would I know , youre all I play…

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It almost makes up for the rest of the game

I’m on my first playthrough now. 00773 Vault Excavation Site has a quick but nice-sized mob that I can sink my teeth into, plus the various test dummies… this DLC is off to a great start.

edit - omg guess who got a new ringtone :laughing:

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Is it the Earworm song?!?

It’s the first song that they’re playing in Overlook.

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Ah, yes, OK.


The “We love Clappy!” song.

Yes, that is an awesome one, I love the lyrics.